Anthropology Research Paper Topics

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Anthropology Research Paper Topics from Experts

Anthropology research paper topics should be original, relevant, and evidence-based. When tasked with writing an anthropology paper, you’ll be expected to adhere to academic writing rules.

Also, your professor wants to see a critical analysis of information from relevant sources. They have to be carefully cited within the text and in a list of references.

Understand that the goal of assignments research papers in anthropology is to evaluate a student’s progress. Whatever project you will be assigned, your topic has to be creative and interesting. The best research projects are created from careful analyses and deliberation.

In this article, we offer tips on how to find the best topics and examples for inspiration.

How to Select the Best Anthropology Research Paper Topics in Simple Steps

As a student tasked with creating an interesting anthropology paper, make sure that you have great topics. There is no denying the fact that great topics make the data collection process more enjoyable. Also, the topic selection should be systematic and well-thought-out.

Of course, there are instances where students are assigned specific topics to work on. When this is the case, your only responsibility is to make sure that your content remains within the assigned task scope. You will need to organize your sources properly and proofread for grammar and spelling mistakes.

However, most of the time, anthropology professors allow students to choose their own topics. This allows creativity and makes the research process more enjoyable.

We recommend making sure that the topics for your anthropology research project are interesting to your audience. Also, consider your own interests and preferences.

To create the best topics, start by brainstorming for ideas and taking notes. These ideas will allow you to conduct some research and narrow down your options. Students can also find anthropology topics from previous research. Note that the topic you pick is narrow enough to be covered within the scope of your research project.

Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics for Inspiration

Have you been asked to write an anthropology research paper?

Are you struggling to find the best topics?

Here are some sample topics for cultural anthropology that can inspire you:

  • Defining cultural aspects in modern societies;
  • Variations in death rituals among different communities in the US;
  • Factors underlying entrenched racism in modern societies;
  • Popular marriage rituals in the United States;
  • Supernatural and magical beliefs in the United States;
  • Ranking of members among different groups in the United States;
  • The culture of storytelling among different communities;
  • How mythologies affect modern culture;
  • How anthropology is developing as forensic science;
  • Tracking the behavior of twins over time.

Physical Anthropology Research Paper Topics for Students

Maybe your prompt indicates that you need to write a research paper on physical anthropology. While there are many topics in this area you can choose from, you still need to make sure that your selection is interesting to your readers.

Also, you have to address the research questions in your instructions.

Here are some examples of good topics in this area:

  • The merits and demerits of Eugenics in the modern world;
  • A comparison of the creationist and the evolutionist perspectives of human origin;
  • An investigation of the contemporary facts in support of the existence of Homo habilis;
  • How the dead were preserved in ancient Egypt;
  • How the cause of drowning can be clarified by examining the anatomical and physical evidence;
  • Examining the long-term implications of physical labor on human appearance;
  • How smoking affects the physical appearance of human beings;
  • How aging is understood according to Western culture;
  • How kyphosis relates to human senescence;
  • How the living environment affects the skin color of humans.

Biological Anthropology Research Paper Topics to Consider

Has your instructor asked you to write a biological anthropology assignment?

Need some of the best topics to consider for your research paper?

Here are some amazing examples:

  • How the issue of alcoholism has developed over the years in European culture;
  • Exploring the impact of radioactivity on communities impacted by nuclear disasters;
  • The origins and generational impacts of Minamata disease;
  • The biological outcomes related to gay marriages in the United States;
  • The transgenerational effects of Itai-Itai disease;
  • The intergenerational effects of the Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombings;
  • Health implications of cocaine use in the United States;
  • Legalization of marijuana and its potential benefits;
  • Explaining the prevalence of cystic fibrosis among the American population;
  • Views of gender among different cultures in the United States;

Medical Anthropology Research Paper Topics for Students

If you would like to create your original research paper on medical anthropology, you need to have a topic that allows for creativity.

Consider these options:

  • The application of the principles of ethnozoology in medicine;
  • A critical assessment of the essential elements of critical medical anthropology;
  • How can ethnobotany and its principles be applied in medicine?
  • How successful were the control measures used to curtail the spread of the Ebola virus in 2014?
  • Why is HIV/AIDS persistently prevalent in some regions?
  • Social factors in the prevalence of depression in the United States;
  • How did the Chernobyl disaster affect the life of those who survived?
  • Effectiveness of alternative medicine in the United States;
  • Trends of mental health and culture as an underlying factor in the US;
  • The most affected nations in regards to HIV/AIDS.

The writing tips highlighted here are meant to inspire you when choosing research topics. However, if you need help with your project for whatever reason, don’t hesitate to engage professionals.

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