Argumentative Research Paper Topics

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125 Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics

An argumentative research paper is a document where you need to conduct detailed research and provide the main arguments to prove the point of view.  The most important thing you must do when making this manuscript is choosing from interesting argumentative research paper topics. You can find a broad subject that sounds interesting to you, and then narrow it down.

While writing the document, feel free to use various sources to put in the research, such as books, magazines, newspapers, websites on the Internet, etc. When you got lost on how to start your work, we prepared this wonderful list of 125 argumentative research paper topics that will help you to select a bright subject and make a good document that will impress the audience.

25 Argumentative Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. How computer viruses affect computers and how to avoid them?
  2. Why should small children be vaccinated?
  3. How teenagers get their bad habits and how to avoid this?
  4. How movies and TV shows affect teenagers?
  5. Are private things protected well on Facebook?
  6. Why do so many teenagers use social networks?
  7. How to prevent cancer?
  8. Should citizens be forced to pay war tax?
  9. Why should pornographic movies be banned for everyone?
  10. Should animals live in the zoo?
  11. How video games affect children?
  12. Is it normal for women and children to have extended breastfeeding?
  13. Should Internet censorship be developed?
  14. We should stop testing animals in medicine
  15. Should suicide be legal?
  16. Drivers who use smartphones behind the wheel must pay fees.
  17. Alternative medicine should be covered by medical insurance.
  18. Genetically modified products should be banned everywhere.
  19. Is Russia is a sponsor of world terrorism?
  20. What causes wars?
  21. Will American students study online forever?
  22. Is it possible to make an effective startup business?
  23. Why does the climate on our planet change and how to prevent it?
  24. Can people buy everything for money?
  25. Is online learning more effective than standard schools?

25 Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Why do some workers need a shorter workweek?
  2. Should a gay family allow adopting children?
  3. At what age people should be allowed to drink?
  4. The impact of feminism on men
  5. Meaning of money in our lives – are they really so important?
  6. Is it effective to punish children to make them well-behaved?
  7. Should same-sex marriages be legalized worldwide?
  8. How can people prevent wars?
  9. Why terrorism is a big problem nowadays?
  10. Why prostitution must be banned?
  11. Why are men afraid to date a woman with a child?
  12. How are there so many homeless people in poor countries and how to prevent this?
  13. Is it normal to use cellphones in school?
  14. How much do you trust your partner?
  15. Swimming or exercising – how to lose weight more effectively?
  16. Why are there so many teens who try to avoid visiting a doctor?
  17. Can a selfie be a kind of modern art?
  18. To what actor you would give a prize and why?
  19. Should teenagers (girls and boys) study in separate classrooms?
  20. Should smoking pregnant women force to make abortions?
  21. Should children be allowed to play computer games?
  22. Should marijuana be legalized as a medication?
  23. What is more important: being very rich with average health or being quite poor but healthy?
  24. Why are relationships between people of different religions doomed?
  25. Are messy people always very creative and sexual?

25 Easy Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. What would you choose – work from the office or at home?
  2. Why are other people’s opinions so important to us?
  3. What is the best age to get married?
  4. Why even in good relationships people make conflicts?
  5. Should cash be abandoned, so people would use only plastic cards?
  6. Are diamonds really best friends for girls?
  7. Why do they say the way to a man’s heart goes through his stomach?
  8. Is it good or bad to lie to your child about Santa Claus?
  9. Should tattoos be banned?
  10. Is it normal for a woman to text a man first?
  11. Is it normal if a woman is working and her husband sits at home with kids?
  12. Should drunk drivers go to jail even if they didn’t cause any damage?
  13. How many children an average family should have?
  14. Why are brothers and sisters so jealous and cruel to each other?
  15. Are our modern technologies really making us lazier?
  16. Why vegetarians choose not to eat meat?
  17. At what age should young people be allowed to smoke?
  18. Should parents pay fees if their children say curse words in school?
  19. What can we do to make our planet a better place for people?
  20. Is it possible to replace the actual reality with a virtual one?
  21. What is the future of modern technologies?
  22. How can you increase sales using creative marketing?
  23. Why is it so important to vaccinate children?
  24. What are the most popular religions?
  25. How to heal depression without meds?

25 College Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Should euthanasia be legalized in hospitals?
  2. Why do people smoke?
  3. How to prevent psychological disorders?
  4. Will paper books replace Ebooks sooner or later?
  5. Do friendships between man and woman exist?
  6. Why are people cheating in relationships?
  7. How can the politics of my country be improved?
  8. Why are so many kids aggressive?
  9. The best diet for good health
  10. Should a woman make a career or take care of children?
  11. How can we prevent AIDS?
  12. How people affect climate change?
  13. What is the future of the Internet?
  14. Is it possible to create a successful online business?
  15. Why should children use phones less?
  16. Does the optimism gene exist?
  17. How to solve conflicts between children and parents?
  18. The impact of art and music on our brain.
  19. How can schools make students motivated to study?
  20. How to avoid emotional distress and stay calm and happy?
  21. Seven techniques to avoid panic attacks.
  22. Do you believe in your dreams?
  23. How does the Internet affect people’s mental health?
  24. Why are so many people so easy to manipulate?
  25. Is a pound of feathers and a pound of a lead really weight the same?

25 Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  1. Why do some people need to get married and feel bad living on their own?
  2. Is it difficult for a lonely woman with a child to find a partner?
  3. What are the top 10 jobs for the future?
  4. How robots are going to replace people in some jobs in the future?
  5. Why is it very important for kids to play competitive sports?
  6. Which kinds of sports should be added to the Olympic Games?
  7. Why do lonely people become serial killers?
  8. What are the main reasons for violence?
  9. How to prevent terrorism in the future?
  10. How does marriage change people and why?
  11. Is it normal for women to use birth control pills?
  12. What causes parents to punish their children even for small issues?
  13. How to build a strong economy of any country?
  14. Why are sports so important for our lives?
  15. How to prevent teens from being involved in drugs and alcohol?
  16. Do reality shows affect people?
  17. Can 3D printing be used for creating replacement organs for people, such as the heart, liver, lunges, etc.?
  18. Advantages and disadvantages of home studying
  19. Are modern children more socialized and smarter thanks to the Internet compared to children of the past?
  20. How alcohol addiction affects human health?
  21. Why do teenagers get sleep disorders and how to treat them?
  22. Benefits of swimming and how it affects the human body
  23. The connection between emotional stability and success
  24. Why do women and men use different body language in communication?
  25. Advantages and disadvantages of boys-only and girls-only schools

BONUS: 20 Argumentative Research Paper Ideas

  1. Why do some people get infected with HIV and treat them?
  2. Why shouldn’t we use animals for testing in science?
  3. How to secure private information on the Internet?
  4. Is it totally safe to buy things online?
  5. Advantages and disadvantages of cosmetic surgery.
  6. Should marijuana be legalized to use in all countries?
  7. How to prevent water pollution?
  8. Why is the climate changing and how to prevent it?
  9. How to raise children in family harmony?
  10. How to prevent and avoid domestic abuse?
  11. The USA and European Union: will this competition be ended?
  12. Is there a way to heal a gambler from being addictive?
  13. Should marriages between couples of the same sex be legalized worldwide?
  14. Should lotteries be banned by the government?
  15. What were the main reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire?
  16. How can other people help a smoker quit?
  17. Should “no-smoking zones” be placed all over the town?
  18. Is there any kind of life on Mars?
  19. Why do active kids need more sleep than others?
  20. Why have dinosaurs disappeared from our planet?

How to Choose Argumentative Research Paper Topics?

When it’s going about selecting from argumentative research paper topics, it’s important to select a subject that will be interesting to read for the audience. Try to imagine your potential readers and define which topics are interesting for them. Apart from this, a subject has to be simple enough for you to make research.

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