Art Research Paper Topics

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90 Best Art Research Paper Topics

Art is something sublime and beautiful that helps a person to cognize all the beauty of this world. These are paintings, sculptures, architecture, films, and especially music and literature.

Some people do not understand art and prefer to live a real-life, getting entangled in everyday problems. Such people are doomed to an empty existence because such concepts as the beauty of nature, the transfusion of colors, or the sound of a violin are inaccessible. For them, none of this is simply essential. It is much more important, in their opinion, to devote time to science and work.

Other people consider art to be the main property of a person and cannot exist without it. Such people are delighted as soon as they see the first edition of an old book or an original painting by Vincent Van Gogh himself. So what is the right topic for such a student to write an essay? Find out below!

Tips on How to Select the Best Art Research Paper Topics

An essay is a type of work in a written format. It sets out thoughts on a specific topic from a personal point of view. Writings may differ depending on the type and genre. They can also be written on a free or specific topic. Thanks to essays, students develop speech, imagination, and the ability to form correct thoughts.

Choosing an excellent topic for an essay can be difficult for art lovers and those who are not very versed in the art and do not associate life with it. The topic for essays can be any, and to choose it, you need to turn on your imagination and associate the future topic with your knowledge. It is easier to write a text on a topic that is known. On the other hand, the presence of a topic allows you to start writing, while its choice makes it difficult.

Free essays can be written in a journalistic style, use rhetorical questions and exclamation marks, and maximize the question. The structure of the essay must be preserved, as well as good content.

Who Created This List of Art Research Paper Topics?

To make it easier to choose a topic, you can see a list of ready-made topics for writing an essay. These lists were created by people who know art well and know which topics will be well appreciated by teachers at the university. These people may also be involved in art, and know what topics students should think about when writing an essay. Art scholars also compile a list of topics for students to do mini-research and expand on the topic.

15 Interesting Art Research Paper Topics for College Students

Looking at the picture in the gallery, we see the depths of the sea, the inaccessibility of space, the beauty of human existence. While listening to a piece of music, a person can hear the sound of waves, the warble of a nightingale, and the sound of the wind. Art is an extension of nature. It helps a person to think about beauty, to see it in small things.

Where do you start? How to improve your knowledge in the field of art? What topic to choose to complete the task and find something interesting yourself competently? Below are 15 topics that will be of interest to every student because by answering specific answers, we begin to understand ourselves and our vision of art in general.

  1. Why does every person need to learn to understand art?
  2. What piece can I call great?
  3. Is it true that art is one of the means of distinguishing good from evil?
  4. Is it true that the art of good people forms the human soul?
  5. Does a modern person need classical art?
  6. Does an artist need to have creative courage?
  7. How does art help to understand reality?
  8. What’s more important in the book? How is it written or what?
  9. What is an eternal theme in art?
  10. What is the role in the life of society?
  11. What art is called real?
  12. How to distinguish real art from craft?
  13. Why do people confuse art and craft?
  14. What is the value of art?
  15. Is it possible to become a professional without love for your work?

15 World Art Research Paper Topics for College Students

  1. What art does time have no power over?
  2. What is talent on the scale of world art?
  3. Why is an art called eternal?
  4. What is the role of art in the development of humanity?
  5. How was the spiritual essence of different eras reflected in world art?
  6. Why does humanity need to preserve monuments of art?
  7. What is the role of creativity in the life of a person and society?
  8. How is humanity related to art?
  9. What are the most famous personalities in the world of art?
  10. How can you teach the younger generation to world art?
  11. The importance of art from different eras for each person.
  12. Comparative analysis of the artistic culture of the two eras of the Renaissance and Minimalism.
  13. How can the legacy of world art help to study the psychology of people of past millennia?
  14. Comparative analysis of the artistic culture of the two eras of Romanticism and Positivism.
  15. How can you study history in more detail with the help of the heritage of world art?

15 Renaissance Art History Research Paper Topics

The Renaissance era has become one of the most significant eras in the history of world art. Each student during his studies will have to face the study of this era and, of course, each student will write an essay. Below you can choose any topic that interests you, which will help you express your knowledge as best as possible.

  1. What is the significance of the Renaissance in world art and culture?
  2. When and how did the Renaissance movement begin?
  3. What are the distinctive characteristics and details of the Renaissance as a movement?
  4. How are humanism and anthropocentrism connected in the Renaissance, and how is this expressed in literature?
  5. What is the significance of the Renaissance for the development of European culture?
  6. Why does the Renaissance have similarities with ancient culture? How are they related?
  7. Which artists made the greatest contribution to the development of the Renaissance era?
  8. What were the cardinal changes in public relations in Europe during the Renaissance?
  9. What contributed to the beginning of the Renaissance era? The fall of the Byzantine state.
  10. How is the theme of humanism and the change in the value system shown in the artistic works of the Renaissance?
  11. How are the church and the ordinary life of people shown in the works of the Renaissance era?
  12. The spread of the ancient heritage during the Renaissance.
  13. What Renaissance artwork would I recommend studying at school and university?
  14. Which cities have the greatest heritage of Renaissance art?
  15. What remains valuable and significant to our times from the time of the Renaissance?

15 Research Paper Topics on Minimalism Art

  1. Minimalism is one of the trends in art.
  2. Minimalism in the interior.
  3. A culture of minimalism and denial of most goods.
  4. Minimalism in music, architecture, and visual arts.
  5. How is minimalism related to linguistics?
  6. How has minimalism changed the music industry?
  7. Why does minimalism in decor and architecture avoid embellishments and flamboyant compositional expressions?
  8. What are the key benefits of minimalism?
  9. The influence of the Japanese tradition in the development of the direction of minimalism.
  10. Zen concepts, principles, and culture in minimalism.
  11. Moral perception of minimalism.
  12. What are the most famous artists who have contributed the most to the development of minimalism?
  13. What factors of minimalism prevail in the visual arts?
  14. Where did minimalism originate, and when?
  15. How minimalism changed the interior culture in the 20th century.

15 Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the most significant epochs in the entire history of humanity?
  2. How does art influence the course of history?
  3. Is art important for capturing the events of world history?
  4. How did art change the culture of people?
  5. How well and deeply is the history of the arts studied in schools and universities?
  6. How did the level of culture and art influence the development of European countries and the United States?
  7. How did the level of culture and art influence the development of Asia and Latin American countries?
  8. Renaissance stages.
  9. World fiction in history.
  10. What works can be used in a detailed study of history?
  11. The essence of the mutual influence of history and art.
  12. Why did new styles and trends emerge in art history?
  13. Reflection in a work of art of actual historical situations.
  14. Submission of artists to the depiction of certain events or phenomena.
  15. How has art saved people morally and psychologically throughout history?

15 Art Research Paper Ideas

  1. Do you believe that you can become a good craftsman or artist in a short time?
  2. What qualities should a person possess to master the art?
  3. Who can be called an artisan in art?
  4. What is the difference between true art and fake art?
  5. Can art be learned?
  6. Who can be called an actual creator?
  7. How are craft and art interconnected?
  8. Does craft always have to become a real art?
  9. What should a craft be to become art?
  10. What do craft and art mean for a person, how are they reflected in his life, what do they affect?
  11. What do you think is the ultimate goal of art?
  12. What is the difference between craft and art?
  13. Can a craftsman become an artist?
  14. Can abilities turn into talent?
  15. Who is a talented person?

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