Astronomy Research Paper Topics

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80 Astronomy Research Paper Topics

When you have to create an astronomy research paper, it’s quite important to select an interesting and eye-catching topic to keep the attention of readers on your work. Do you feel it’s not easy for you to think up a good subject on your own? Feel free to read our 80 successful topics and get fresh ideas for your future writing!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Astronomy Research Paper Topic?

When students write their astronomy papers, it’s very important to follow the next three rules to create a successful document:

  1. Select a researchable subject for your future paper. It means that you have to conduct research based on the chosen topic easily. Do not select a broad subject and try to narrow it down. Make sure you have enough information to make research on the selected theme. Never choose a theme you are not familiar with.
  2. Check out that you have enough knowledge about the chosen subject. For example, if you have selected to write about comets but know just a few facts about them, it’s better to change your topic. Maybe you know more information about planets or stars? Go ahead and select a subject you are familiar with.
  3. Make sure you can find enough data to conduct your research. When you have chosen a subject for your future paper, check out if it’s possible to find enough useful and interesting information on the subject to put in your manuscript. The more data you can find, the more interesting and exciting paper you can create!

List of Astronomy Research Paper Topics

  1. How did the solar system appear?
  2. Describe other planets’ colonization
  3. Explain different views of space
  4. Define dark energy and dark matter
  5. What is an astrophysics and which questions it decides
  6. How did the Milky Way appear?
  7. What is cosmic time?
  8. Hubble’s law and its importance for the astronomy
  9. Apollo missions: the bright history
  10. Explain the big bang theory
  11. How are astronomy and quantum physics connected?
  12. Various models of our galaxy
  13. Define black holes and their functions
  14. Describe the views of Galileo, Aristotle, and other astronomers
  15. Why was the Copernicus study important for astronomy’s development?
  16. Describe the life cycle of stars
  17. Why does the Sun still exist?
  18. Comets and how they appear
  19. The history of Haley’s comet
  20. What are the main careers in astronomy?

20 Interesting Astronomy Topics for Research Paper

  1. How stars are used for navigation?
  2. Which planets might have life except for Earth?
  3. Why do people explore space?
  4. What’s astrobiology and what does it study?
  5. How did people view the Universe at various times?
  6. Asteroids and how they are formatted
  7. How does the Universe appear
  8. Zero gravity and its affection to people
  9. Who invented the first telescope?
  10. What is the future of NASA?
  11. Why does Saturn have rings?
  12. How are the Sun and Earth connected?
  13. Describe the main features of the Sun
  14. What will be with the Earth if the Sun disappears?
  15. When will the Sun die?
  16. Discovering the Moon
  17. Is it possible to travel in time?
  18. What is space-time and how is it defined?
  19. Space travel: will it be possible for people in near future?
  20. How do robots help to discover other planets?

20 Easy Astronomy Research Paper Topics

  1. Black holes: definition and features
  2. Differences and similarities between Sun and Moon
  3. Differences and similarities between Mars and Earth
  4. Differences and similarities between planets of the Solar system
  5. How do people affect the Solar system?
  6. Kepler’s laws and the Earth
  7. Describe how people explore the space
  8. Mars’ exploration: the red planet has many secrets
  9. Differences between Earth and Venus
  10. How do stars form?
  11. Astrophysics main controversies
  12. Big and small stars: similarities and differences in forming
  13. Exoplanets and their exploration
  14. The history of the Solar system
  15. The main differences between comets and asteroids
  16. How do the Northern lights appear?
  17. Details about the Mars
  18. Evolution of the galaxy
  19. Astronomy and astrophysics
  20. The evolution of the Sun

20 Great Astronomy Research Paper Ideas

  1. Top 3 Astronomy’s inventions
  2. How does the Sun affect the Earth’s biosphere?
  3. The main branches of observational astronomy
  4. Cosmological theories: the main breakthroughs
  5. Why do giant planets exist?
  6. Describe the largest astronomical observatory
  7. How does the Moon move?
  8. How did people discover planets earlier?
  9. How did the first galaxies format?
  10. How to define the Universe age?
  11. Compare asteroids and comets
  12. Describe the most important experiments in astronomy
  13. The theory of Giordano Bruno
  14. How did the asteroid belt appear?
  15. What are multiple systems of stars?
  16. Describe brown dwarfs and their features
  17. What are constellations?
  18. How many galaxies exist at the same time?
  19. The most important projects in space discovering
  20. Why is it important to learn astronomy in school?

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