Biology Research Paper Topics

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120 Biology Research Paper Topics

When you are required to create a research paper on biology, it’s quite important to select an interesting and researchable topic. If you feel it’s difficult for you to select a good subject for your future work, we offer our 120 successful topics on biology. Go ahead and read them all to get fresh ideas for your own document!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Biology Research Paper Topic?

If you feel it’s difficult for you to create a biology research paper, follow these useful hints:

  1. Select a good subject. Do not be in a rush and choose a topic you will be able to write about. It must be a researchable and interesting subject you know well. In addition, you should be able to find enough data on this subject to use in your future document.
  2. Organize your work. Before you start creating anything, create a clear plan. Thanks to the outline, you can make a logical and well-structural document that will attract the readers’ attention. Divide your future manuscript into parts and work in each of those parts meticulously to get a good result.
  3. Proofread and correct the completed paper. So, finally, your biology research is done and formatted? Congratulations, you’re almost finished, now only one thing to do – correcting errors. It is an important part of the work, because if you ignore it, the teacher may find some errors – logical, grammar, punctuation, or even errors with some numbers in the result section.

List of Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Cell reproduction: the main types
  2. A theory of Gregor Mendel
  3. Comparing eukaryotes and prokaryotes
  4. Why do we need enzymes?
  5. What is the photosynthesis process and how does it work?
  6. Describe mitosis and meiosis and compare these processes
  7. What is gene inheriting?
  8. What is the main structure of human DNA?
  9. Why do we use PCR tests?
  10. The process of cloning in a modern world
  11. Describe the natural selection and explain its importance
  12. The Darwin’s theory meaning and its importance in our world
  13. Explain the relationship between species using the tree of life
  14. How do organisms get nutrition? Describe the main processes
  15. Describe dinosaurs and explain why they couldn’t survive
  16. Explain the process of transporting information by the human’s nervous system
  17. How does human nature impact biodiversity?
  18. Which factors regulate the human population?
  19. What if dinosaurs could live in our days?
  20. Describe the carbon cycle mechanism

20 Biology Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. Describe the knowledge in biology in ancient India
  2. Describe the agriculture history in China
  3. How did philosophers in Greek explain the origin of human life?
  4. Describe the theory of the 4 senses of humor
  5. How did Aristotle classify all the animals?
  6. What did Galen make his medical writings about?
  7. Explain the process of stagnation in Middle Ages scientific
  8. Describe the discovery of Al-Jahiz and explain how he explained the relationship between various organisms
  9. Describe the importance of Albertus Magnus’ theory in botany
  10. Describe the development of biology in Italy
  11. Which reasons caused the development of biological studies during the Renaissance?
  12. Describe the modern anatomy and trace its origins
  13. How was the microscope invented?
  14. Describe the theory of Louis Paster and its importance in our life
  15. Explain the bioinformatics’ rise connected with genetic data analysis in biology
  16. Explain the discovery of heredity and how it affects the biology
  17. How does modern technology impact biology?
  18. Why did people start to discover the circulation of blood?
  19. Describe the periods of development of biology science in Europe
  20. Which types of development the modern biology has

20 Human Biology Topics for Research Paper

  1. Is it possible to control the population of people in our world?
  2. Which functions does the respiratory system have?
  3. What is anemic and how does the body react to this disease?
  4. Describe the history of population of human on our planet
  5. How does medicine help people to understand health?
  6. What information can an osteologist get from human bones?
  7. How do humans move?
  8. The comparison of modern trends in nutrition
  9. Which psychological things affect human’s health?
  10. Can a human’s brain control our behavior and how?
  11. The main mechanisms and structure of synapses
  12. How do our kidneys work?
  13. How do human’s muscles work?
  14. How do new reproductive technologies affect human’s population?
  15. What does the skeletal muscle of a human consist of?
  16. Why do we need a cerebral cortex?
  17. Describe the main content of the human’s blood
  18. Why can a human heart skip a beat and what does it mean?
  19. Who can control the human population these days?
  20. How are hormones, emotions and the brain connected?

20 Cell Biology Topics for Research Paper

  1. Why does cancer affect cell growth and can we predict it?
  2. Which amount of protein do we need?
  3. Describe the process of how cells can heal our bones
  4. Is it ethical to do stem cell research?
  5. Is it ethical to clone animals?
  6. How do cells communicate with each other?
  7. How are human DNA and the environment connected?
  8. Describe the main trends in biochemistry and explain their importance
  9. Is it possible to reverse the process of aging?
  10. Describe the axon guidance
  11. How does the human brain keep memories and why do some memories aren’t available?
  12. Why can our cells be affected by cancer?
  13. How do cells move and why do they need it?
  14. Why is cell research so important?
  15. Describe the main parts of the cell and explain their role
  16. Describe the mitosis and why cells need it
  17. How is it possible to do cell research?
  18. Modern analysis of the cell compared to the same in the past
  19. Why do our cells need water?
  20. Brain cells: the most important and complex cells in our organism

20 Molecular Biology Research Paper Topics

  1. Describe the Prion disease and methods of healing
  2. Where do our memories store?
  3. Explain the pathogenesis of fever
  4. Describe the role of repetitive and unique genes for humans
  5. What is a genome map?
  6. What causes myeloid leukemia and how it can be healed?
  7. Describe the main stage of development of molecular biology
  8. Describe the DNA repairing cycle
  9. How does DNA diagnosis define infections?
  10. What is a viral genome?
  11. Do we always need surgery when healing glaucoma?
  12. Microtubules and their importance for the nervous system
  13. How do cells transport things?
  14. Explain the importance of molecular biology
  15. How is it possible to trace the DNA?
  16. Why do cells need to eat dead cell parts?
  17. Describe the process of protein biosynthesis
  18. How does DNA research affect treating various diseases?
  19. What is DNA translation and its main steps?
  20. How does the nervous system work?

20 Great Biology Research Paper Ideas

  1. Why are old people more likely to be affected by cancer?
  2. Describe the selection process of animals during evolution
  3. Sexual reproduction and other types of reproduction
  4. Why can’t we cannot fight cancer?
  5. Are evolution and society connected?
  6. Which types of genes do we have?
  7. Why can alcoholism be transmitted by a gene?
  8. Is it ethical to divide all the people by their race?
  9. How does the process of aging differ at various stages of our development?
  10. Explain the process of genetic drift
  11. What causes cancer?
  12. How do bees communicate?
  13. How does animals’ psychology affect their geographic area?
  14. Why are elephants the biggest animals on the planet?
  15. Explain the main process of evolution in the animal’s world
  16. Why does evolution affect all organisms?
  17. Describe the process of moving some nations to other places
  18. What’s speciation and how does it work?
  19. Why are modern people different from those people who lived millions of years ago?
  20. Describe and compare the process of evolution for various organisms

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