Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

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100 Best Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Criminal justice has always been one of the most challenging areas to study. It is worth knowing many details and nuances from many other disciplines to conduct quality research not only in an educational institution but also in future work. Every student may find it challenging to choose a topic to research, but we want to help you by suggesting the top 100 topics!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Criminal Justice Research Paper Topic?

By sticking to these tips, you can choose a good research topic and avoid topics that you can fail and not pass research papers.

  • Soberly assess your ability to carry out research work. When choosing a topic, it’s worth paying attention to whether you can get the research paper done. Do you have time to gather information and get the research paper done? Does a specific topic evoke any emotion in you?
  • Be aware that some topics may not be very useful or highly specialized when studying criminal justice. Check topics with a teacher or someone who works in the criminal justice field. In this case, these people can offer you the most relevant topic and will bring you a lot of benefits.
  • You can browse through all 100 topics below and choose the one that piques your interest the most. An interest in a specific topic will keep you on top of your research. You will not be bored and thus you will complete your research work faster and better.

List of Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Topical issues of countering violent crimes of minors.
  2. Fighting law enforcement agencies against the smuggling of strategic goods and resources.
  3. Law enforcement agencies fight corruption by trial and error.
  4. The fight of law enforcement agencies against drugs: interaction of civil society institutions and government bodies.
  5. Actual problems of using special knowledge in the assessment of materials and objects of a pornographic nature.
  6. Actual problems of responsibility for non-fulfilment of responsibilities for the upbringing of a minor.
  7. Actual problems of improving criminal and criminal procedural legislation were revealed during the investigation of criminal cases on crimes committed in the field of illegal traffic.
  8. Actual problems of criminal law qualification of crimes in the field of computer information.
  9. Actual criminal law problems of crimes that infringe on public finances and financial control.
  10. Amnesty.
  11. Arrest.
  12. Affect and its criminal legal significance.
  13. Banditry: concept, signs and delimitation from related compounds.
  14. Buddhist (Asian) model of counteracting drug addiction: features of the differentiation of criminal responsibility.
  15. In search of a criterion for the criminal punishment of acts that infringe on the natural environment.
  16. Vandalism.
  17. Corpus delicti as a legal basis for qualifying a crime.
  18. The necessity defence is a circumstance precluding the criminality of an act.
  19. Guilt is the system of factors that determine the social danger of crimes.
  20. The influence of international and foreign criminal law on the development of domestic criminal law.

20 Interesting Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

Influence of mitigating or aggravating circumstances related to the performer’s personality on the liability of other accomplices.

  1. Involvement of a minor in the commission of antisocial acts as an object of interdisciplinary research.
  2. Involvement of a minor in the commission of a crime and antisocial acts
  3. Qualification of abuse of office under the legislation in the modern United States.
  4. Incitement of hatred or enmity, as well as humiliation of human dignity.
  5. Compensation for harm in the system of other circumstances testifying to the positive post-criminal behaviour of the person who committed the crime
  6. The age of the victim of the crime.
  7. Age of criminal responsibility.
  8. Questions of qualification of the crimes under consideration, encroaching on other objects of criminal law protection, such as life and health.
  9. Secondary criminal activity.
  10. Extortion and its difference from similar crimes.
  11. Guarantees of limiting judicial discretion when applying norms with evaluative concepts.
  12. The genesis of the institution of probation in foreign countries.
  13. Genocide in the decisions of modern international tribunals.
  14. Genocide and Ecocide.
  15. High treason, espionage and disclosure of state secrets.
  16. Group juvenile delinquency: main trends and problems of prevention.
  17. Categories of crimes and group crime.
  18. Group collaboration in criminal law.
  19. Humanisation of the conditions for serving sentences.

20 Good Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. The disorganisation of normal activities of institutions providing isolation from society
  2. The action of the criminal law in space, in the circle of persons and the specifics of its application.
  3. A retroactive force of criminal law.
  4. Determinants of financial crime and the identity of a financial fraudster
  5. Acts related to the use of criminal law and criminal procedure coercive measures against knowingly innocent persons.
  6. Discussion issues of liability for bribery.
  7. Differentiation and individualisation of criminal responsibility.
  8. Differentiation of criminal responsibility for crimes against minors.
  9. Voluntary refusal to commit a crime.
  10. Driving to suicide.
  11. Official organisational and administrative functions.
  12. Official representative of the authorities.
  13. Unified state register as a subject of criminal law protection.
  14. Knowingly false reporting of an act of terrorism.
  15. Knowingly false denunciation and knowingly false testimony (their ratio and analysis of the corpus delicti).
  16. How Do Law Enforcement Agencies Fight Pollution Crime?
  17. Tasks and functions of criminal law.
  18. Legislative regulation of combating crime in the second half of the XIX century.
  19. The legislative technique of criminal law.
  20. Absentee consideration of criminal cases.

20 Best Criminal Justice Research Paper Topics

  1. Complicity Institute and Organized Crime.
  2. Institute for the socialisation of convicted juveniles.
  3. Institution of a criminal record in the system of prevention of recurrence of crimes
  4. Institution of a criminal record in criminal law.
  5. The Internet is an essential channel for the socialisation of minors. How law enforcement agencies can control it.
  6. Information about the identity of a witness giving deliberately false testimony is an element of the forensic characteristics of a crime.
  7. Other measures of a criminal-legal nature: concept and types.
  8. Execution of an order or instruction.
  9. The use of official position in the theft of entrusted property.
  10. The use of electronic technical means as a method of supervision in applying house arrest and restraint of liberty.
  11. Correctional labour.
  12. The history of the emergence and development of the institution of exemption from criminal liability.
  13. The history of the origin and development of criminal law.
  14. The history of the development of legislation on the responsibility for crimes against life and health.
  15. The history of the development of legislation on the responsibility for crimes against freedom, honour and dignity of the individual.
  16. The history of the development of legislation on the responsibility for crimes against the family and minors.
  17. The history of the development of criminal legislation regulating the use of compulsory medical measures to minors.
  18. History of US Criminal Law.
  19. Sources of increased danger as an object, instrument and means of committing crimes.
  20. Sources of criminal law in England and the United States.

20 Great Criminal Justice Research Paper Ideas

  1. Foreign concepts of the organisation of criminological prevention of recidivism.
  2. Human health and public health: the problem of correlation of criminal law protection.
  3. Protection of power from seizure and its illegal detention.
  4. Malicious evasion of repayment of the creditor’s legislative framework: legislative structure and enforcement issues.
  5. Abuse and abuse of office.
  6. Abuse of an official performing management functions.
  7. Abuse of authority and abuse of authority in commercial and other organisations.
  8. Evil use of shareholder rights: improvement of the criminal law.
  9. The value of ideas of free will, behaviour and determinism in criminal law: psychological aspects.
  10. The value of warning a person about criminal liability for qualifying offences committed in the field of criminal justice.
  11. The value of mental abnormalities for criminal responsibility.
  12. The value of judicial precedent for overcoming the shortcomings of criminal law.
  13. The hierarchy types of state and public influence on the person who committed the offence.
  14. Making or selling counterfeit money or securities.
  15. Changes in the legislation on senior management: issues of professional development from responsibility.
  16. Rape: qualifying and qualifying attributes.
  17. Individualisation of punishment for rape taking into account victimological factors.
  18. Individualisation of criminal liability.
  19. Amnesty Institute: Legal Nature and Problems of Application in the Modern World.
  20. Institute for Necessary Defense in Criminal Law in France and Germany.

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