Culture Research Paper Topics

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80 Cultural Research Paper Topics

Philosophy of culture is a philosophical understanding of culture. It is an attempt by this or that thinker to understand what culture is, what are its principles, its foundations, and its sources. Human creates culture as his second nature. Only through the prism of this second nature can he perceive and perceive himself. And at the same time, a person is created by culture. The study of culture makes it possible for a modern person to understand many aspects of life.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Cultural Research Paper Topic?

This area of ​​science has always been attractive to many people, as it shows who we are, why the culture of many countries developed in one way or another and why we are all now in such conditions. If you are going to do cultural research, you first need to choose a topic. You can do this yourself, consult a teacher or choose a topic from this list below. We advise you to choose the topic that interests you the most so that the progress of your research is easy and fun.

You can also choose a topic that causes the most difficulties and questions for you. Thus, in the course of work, you can discover many interesting facts and valuable information. Think about what you would like to study or where you have weak points in studying culture and cultural studies. Thus, you can find a lot of useful exciting information for the future. Also, your teacher will appreciate your efforts if you find a topic that has not yet been studied by anyone in your school.

If you find it challenging to decide on a topic, you can ask for help from our service, whose specialists will help you find the topic that will best meet the requirements of your university, as well as your needs for a more detailed study of the subject. We have selected a list of 80 topics that will be worthy of your attention to study this multifaceted, important and exciting part of our life and the life of our ancestors.

List of Cultural Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Information system and global environmental problems. How does the level of culture of the society affect the ecology of the country?
  2. Being of human and nature.
  3. The concept of natural and cultural heritage (in a broad and narrow sense).
  4. Cultivated and virgin nature (the problem of correlation).
  5. People and cultural monuments (interaction and mutual influence).
  6. The problem of human relationships in the process of anthroposociogenesis.
  7. The origin of civilisation and its impact on virgin nature.
  8. Society and nature in the era of feudalism.
  9. Changes in human life and his environment during the great technical revolution (post-industrial era).
  10. Historical Monuments: Problems of Classification and Determination of Social Value.
  11. The relationship between nature and culture.
  12. The impact of human civilisation on nature. “Ecological abyss” and “anthropological catastrophe”.
  13. Man and his inner nature.
  14. Deindividualization of personality in the modern era.
  15. Culture is the realisation of human creativity and freedom.
  16. Man creates culture, and culture creates man.
  17. What does anthropology study?
  18. What are the most critical aspects of human life that anthropology studies?
  19. Humans as the starting point of anthropological knowledge.
  20. What are the process of human civilisation and cultural development?

20 Cultural Psychology Topics for Research Paper

  1. The relationship of psychology and culture in Europe and the United States.
  2. The study of psychology as a phenomenon of the development of European culture.
  3. Alchemy as a Phenomenon of Medieval Culture.
  4. The reverse side of Renaissance titanism.
  5. Renaissance concept of the world and human in Italian art.
  6. The influence of the Reformation on the development of European culture.
  7. Rationalism is the dominant of modern culture.
  8. Analysis of the historical type of culture (optional: Ancient Egypt, Ancient India, etc.) Human development in it.
  9. Religion as a form of culture. The influence of religion on people.
  10. Human values ​​in world religions.
  11. Family in Christian and Muslim cultures.
  12. Rituals as a phenomenon of folk culture.
  13. Folk culture in the modern world
  14. The moral ideal in medieval culture.
  15. US culture in early written sources.
  16. Comparative typological analysis of the United States and Western European cultures. The place of the human in them.
  17. European influences in US culture. How could a human choose which culture to join?
  18. Characteristics of a human character in different cultures.
  19. Ethnic stereotypes in intercultural communication.
  20. The fate of culture in futurological forecasts.

20 Cultural Diversity Research Paper Topics

  1. Philosophy of Cultural Diversity.
  2. Cultural Diversity in the United States.
  3. Culturology is the self-awareness of culture.
  4. Dialogue as a principle of culture.
  5. Cult and culture. The sacred concept of culture.
  6. Game and culture (based on the works of J. Huizinga, G. Hesse and other representatives of the game concept of culture).
  7. The antithesis of culture and civilisation (concepts of O. Spengler)
  8. Culture as an organism in the concepts of O. Spengler.
  9. Passionate, ethnogenesis and cultural history.
  10. Culture as a semiosphere.
  11. The symbol in art, science, religion.
  12. National images of the world.
  13. The role of prescriptions and prohibitions in the formation of culture (based on the works of Z. Freud).
  14. The sacredness of the culture of Ancient Eastern civilisations.
  15. Cosmogonic myths in the cultures of the Ancient East and antiquity.
  16. Cosmologism of ancient culture.
  17. The primary dominants of the artistic culture of antiquity.
  18. Sacred and secular in ancient culture.
  19. The moral ideal in the medieval culture of the West (based on the works of medieval thinkers.
  20. Catholicism and Culture of the Medieval West.

20 Great Cultural Research Paper Ideas

  1. Monuments (concept). The need to preserve them.
  2. Fundamentals of state policy in the field of preservation of monuments.
  3. Types and forms of historical monuments.
  4. Historical and cultural environment as a source of memory.
  5. The impact of machines on the environment in the era of the industrial revolution.
  6. Methods and means of protecting historical monuments.
  7. The concept of “historical heritage”. Creation of historical conservation reserves. Forms of identifying, researching and popularising monuments.
  8. Introspection is a way out of an ecological catastrophe.
  9. The ecological consciousness of the West and the East (the problem of correlation).
  10. The activity of modern man and the way out of the global ecological crisis.
  11. Landscapes are monuments of nature, history, and culture.
  12. Functioning of monuments of architectural archaeology in the urban environment.
  13. Co-evolution of nature and society (possibility and necessity).
  14. Problems of a modern city and environmental cleanliness.
  15. The State of Conservation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage in the United States.
  16. Authentic color solutions in the urban environment of the 20th century.
  17. Problems of the study of inland water bodies in the aspect of culture.
  18. International economics and environmental disaster.
  19. Museum reserves in the system of protected natural areas.
  20. Environmental examination of the location of large industrial complexes.

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