Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

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40 Great Cyber Security Research Paper Topics for Free

Are you looking for cyber security research paper topics?

If you are struggling with topics for your research paper, we have 40 exciting suggestions for you. Go through our list of topics, identify the perfect heading, and get started on your research paper.

We have provided you with a diverse range of topics. So choosing one for your piece can be somewhat challenging. To help you identify the right heading from our list of assignment topics, we’ve provided some tips.

Check them out below.

How to Select the Best Research Paper Topics on Cyber Security: 4 Tips

Developing an excellent cybersecurity assignment heading is an essential skill, and unfortunately, not all of us have it. Your teacher might specify the topics for you, but often, they will ask you to formulate your own.

If you have to and you just can’t get started, we have some tips for you. Follow them to come up with compelling cybersecurity topics for your assignment piece.


The first thing to do if you wish to select the best heading for your cybersecurity assignment piece is to brainstorm ideas.

Is there a specific matter you wish to explore?

If yes, come up with relevant topics on the subject, and when using our list of topics, zero in on those that touch on your issue.

You can also head over to cyber security-oriented websites to get some ideas. For example, if you want to explore security threats in 2022 in your research paper, this blogpost on McAfee can prove useful.

Another great way to brainstorm is to note all the keywords and cybersecurity concepts you wish to write about. After that, pick the topics that you can handle best. While at it, remember to stay away from common issues.

Understand the Background

After identifying two or three research paper topics for your cybersecurity assignment, it’s time to do some research. Gather necessary resources and go through them to get some background information on your heading. Doing this also introduces you to terminologies that help enrich your title.

Write a Single Topic

With an excellent understanding of your headings, settle on one. Settle on the title that’s neither too narrow nor too broad. A topic on either end will be hard to research and write about in your cybersecurity research paper.

Be Flexible

You should never feel like the title you’ve settled on is final. It is normal to change your research paper topic along the way. For instance, if you find another topic on this list to better suit your research paper, make the swap.

Additional Advice

Picking a topic for your cybersecurity research paper is sure to be challenging. The trick is to ensure you strike the right balance, achieving neither a too broad nor narrow title. This way, you can create a laser-focused topic that still conveys meaning to the reader.

Another vital thing to do regarding picking a topic is to picture your final work.

Does your title tell the story you wish to put forth?

Do your best to come with a topic that conveys the meaning and purpose of your research paper.

Now that you understand the process of selecting a research topic, here are some great ones to consider.

30 Cyber Security Topics for Research Paper to Consider and Use

A good research paper topic ensures that you craft a compelling piece. We have saved you from the time-consuming process of developing a topic by providing 30 exciting suggestions.

Check out our list of topics to get the perfect one for your research paper.

  • The connection between cookies and cybersecurity.
  • Practical solutions to phishing attacks.
  • How authentication enhances cybersecurity.
  • The relationship between social networking and digital safety.
  • What are the primary motivators of data breaches and hacks?
  • Chatbots and Internet security.
  • How does an authorization system function?
  • The economic impact of cyberattacks.
  • How to restore data after a breach.
  • Understanding digital piracy.
  • The relationship between privacy and cybersecurity.
  • The evolution of ransomware in the cybersecurity space.
  • Denial-of-service attacks on digital devices.
  • The pillars of the worldwide cybersecurity plan.
  • Network breaching, detection, and solutions.
  • How can governments address cybersecurity?
  • The role of a firewall in protecting networks.
  • The most common closed vulnerabilities.
  • What to do after a data breach.
  • Pervasive spectrum sharing for public safety communications.
  • Downloaded materials and digital security.
  • How to navigate the Internet effectively.
  • Virus encryption in modern time.
  • Analyzing the significance of algorithm encryption.
  • Synchronizing devices and impacts of internal safety.
  • Why public Wi-Fi should be avoided.
  • Understanding 2FA.
  • Defining social engineering.
  • What are the privacy and security issues associated with chatbots?
  • True anonymity cannot be achieved in the digital space.

10 Exciting Mobile Cyber Security Research Paper Topics

Want some topics for your research paper on mobile cybersecurity?

We have 10 more suggestions for you below. Check them out.

  • The significance of continuous user authentication on mobile gadgets.
  • The efficacy of different mobile security approaches.
  • Detecting mobile phone hacking.
  • Assessing the threat of using portable devices to access banking services.
  • Cybersecurity and mobile applications.
  • The vulnerabilities in wireless mobile data exchange.
  • The rise of mobile malware.
  • The evolution of Android malware.
  • How to know you’ve been hacked on mobile.
  • The impact of mobile gadgets on cybersecurity.

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