Disney Research Paper Topics

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80 Disney Research Paper Topics

The Walt Disney Company was founded on October 16, 1923. And since then, the Disney brand has become firmly associated with the colorful world of childhood. It was this company that released a collection of cartoons so beloved by us. It was thanks to Disney that the world-famous Disneyland Park was founded. Walt Disney was an extremely atypical person. Therefore, it was not difficult for us to find 80 interesting topics for your research papers and essays.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Disney Research Paper Topic?

How do you choose a topic from among the many interesting topics so that the teacher will approve of all your work? We advise you to first familiarise yourself with all the topics in this article, think about which topic has become more interesting for you, and return to these topics and approve your choice after a while.

You can also choose a random theme. Just close your eyes and point your finger at any of the topics. We are confident that each of these topics will help you conduct high-quality and fun research, as all of these topics are worth your attention!

If you could not choose one of the topics, select several topics and consult with your teacher. Perhaps, thanks to his experience and deep knowledge, he will help you choose a good topic.

List of Disney Research Paper Topics

  1. The mythology of different countries in cartoons and films from the Disney studio.
  2. Modern motives and ideas are shown in cartoons and films from Disney Studios in 2022.
  3. Comparative analysis of the first and last cartoon from the Disney studio.
  4. What awaits us in 2022 from Disney Studios?
  5. Famous amusement parks from Disney. The idea of ​​origin and how this idea was embodied.
  6. How many years has the Disney studio been in existence, and how did it develop in the 20th and 21st centuries?
  7. What strange or paradoxical prohibitions exist in an amusement park from Disney?
  8. Why could computer graphics start to be used in the creation of cartoons earlier? What prevented?
  9. The strangest and most terrible events took place at Disneyland.
  10. Unknown and unusual prototypes of characters from Disney cartoons.
  11. How and when did Steve Jobs and Disney collaborate?
  12. The celebrities from whom the prototypes of the appearance were taken to create the characters.
  13. What characters can we recognise?
  14. Comparative analysis of 2D and 3D formats of Disney cartoons.
  15. Who is John Lasseter, and how did he benefit Disney and Pixar?
  16. The most famous Disney cartoons of a cognitive nature.
  17. The Story Of Menstruation. What impression did this cartoon make for adults and children?
  18. In which Disney cartoons do the creators warn children against harmful lifestyles?
  19. How did 3D computer graphics evolve in Disney cartoons and films?
  20. Comparative analysis of Disney and Pixar studios.

20 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Disney Movies

  1. Release of the first sound cartoon. Who voiced Mickey Mouse first?
  2. The last animated cartoon in which Walt Disney took part.
  3. The Beatles and how did they participate in the creation of the cartoon?
  4. Complex creation of The Nightmare Before Christmas cartoon.
  5. The scandal between scientists and the cartoon’s creators “The Lion King” over a false image of hyenas.
  6. Which of all Disney princesses has magical powers?
  7. Comparative analysis of the rabbit Oswald and Mickey Mouse.
  8. How did gender ideas about the ideal girl change in Disney cartoons?
  9. Comparative analysis of the princesses of China, India and Japan in Disney cartoons.
  10. Which Disney cartoon was the first-ever animated film to be nominated for an Oscar for Best Picture?
  11. Filling cartoons with little references to each other.
  12. Record holders for the smallest number of lines in Disney cartoons.
  13. The first cartoon with an African American heroine. How did the creators manage to avoid any accusations of racism?
  14. What is the story behind Beauty and the Beast?
  15. Record performance and detail among all Disney cartoons.
  16. Comparative analysis of Scandinavian princesses in Disney cartoons.
  17. Real geographic locations-prototypes in cartoons from Disney.
  18. What are the most unique technologies used by the creators of cartoons to create a realistic effect?
  19. How did the animators study the characteristics of the characters’ growing up?
  20. Environmental pollution problems are shown in the film WALL-E.

20 Walt Disney Research Paper Topics

  1. Was Walt Disney a racist?
  2. Walt Disney’s extraordinary abilities and talents.
  3. What were the most significant challenges Walt Disney faced?
  4. Comparative analysis of Walt Disney’s approach to working with colleagues at the beginning of the studio creation and the end.
  5. The first Oscar was received by Walt Disney.
  6. What kind of entrepreneur was Walt Disney?
  7. Has anyone managed to get more Oscars than Walt Disney?
  8. Walt Disney’s highest-grossing cartoon.
  9. Comparative analysis of all Disneylands. How can you tell them apart?
  10. Why did Walt Disney open Disneyland? What contributed to this?
  11. Sixty-five hectares of an orange grove in New Orleans. The history of the creation of Disneyland
  12. Disneyland’s first investors. How did Walt Disney work with big companies?
  13. A strict approach to Walt Disney’s work.
  14. Walt Disney was a businessman and boss.
  15. What are the main ideas Walt Disney laid in his cartoons?
  16. The most serious scandalous situations in the life of Walt Disney.
  17. How have scholars analysed and criticised Walt Disney’s work?
  18. Why has Walt Disney always hired the most experienced attorneys?
  19. Walt Disney’s legacy and heirs.
  20. Walt Disney’s causes of death. How is his memory honoured on the day of his death?

20 Great Disney Research Paper Ideas

  1. Analysis of financial transactions when creating cartoons.
  2. Why is Pixar so attentive to every detail?
  3. What are the most essential advantages of cartoons and films from the Disney studio?
  4. Comparative analysis of human and animal characters.
  5. How did Disney change the naming policy of their cartoons after they were released?
  6. Features of voice acting for Disney characters.
  7. The most famous advertising details in cartoons?
  8. Tim Burton and his famous works.
  9. Moral and ethical problems in the cartoon “Pocahontas”.
  10. The Hunchback of Notre Dame. How is a cartoon different from a book?
  11. Comparative analysis of young and old characters in Disney cartoons?
  12. Why does the cartoon “Lilo & Stitch” have profound and serious psychological ideas?
  13. Difficulties in creating “Pirates of the Caribbean”.
  14. The film adaptation of the famous fairy tale by Lewis Carroll by the visionary director Tim Burton.
  15. What cartoons are not recommended for children or people with a weak psyche?
  16. What educational Disney cartoons can be shown in schools?
  17. Comparative analysis
  18. Which directors and writers have brought the most success to Disney Studios?
  19. Which cartoons did not meet the expectations of the public?
  20. The novels of Jack London are in the film adaptation from Disney.

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