Education Research Paper Topics

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Education Research Paper Topics: 50 Thought-Provoking Suggestions

Need education research paper topics that you can tackle?

Education accounts for a large part of most people’s lives. On average, students below 18 years spend between 175-220 days a year in school, depending on the country. So, investing in education research to make it better can improve most people’s lives.

Here, you will find practical tips to help you create the best research topics. We’ve put together 50 unique and easy to explore topics on education. You will find general topics on education plus higher school and special Ed topics.

How to Select Education Research Paper Topics: 5 Must-Know Tips

Creating a topic for your research paper can be time-consuming and, in some cases, exhausting. For every idea that comes to mind, you will be wondering if it’s right or worth it. Bad topics can breed low-quality research works. So, be mindful of your selection.

Generally, keep the following tips in mind when developing or choosing topics:

  • Brainstorm, consult, and write down your ideas;
  • Research the shortlisted topics to see if there enough resources in the subject;
  • Assess your knowledge and skillset for the issue you intend to tackle;
  • Evaluate the time you have and the word count you need to achieve to know if a topic is viable;
  • Ask yourself if the case you want to tackle inspires enough motivation in you.

15 Research Paper Topics About Education to Ponder on

What are some topics relating to education worth researching?

Well, there are many worthy areas you can evaluate in the field of education. But the many aspects and topics mean that you may have trouble selecting a strong focal point.

Some of the strongest topics to try out include:

  • How technology has impacted education and its possible future contributions
  • Bullying in school and its potential solutions
  • Comparing theory versus practical teaching methods
  • Are boarding schools beneficial? Pros and cons
  • Mixed-gender versus non-mixed school: evaluating performance
  • Online education: is it as effective as traditional classroom experience?
  • Examining standardized tests as a mechanism for determining student’s potential
  • Discipline in school and how it affects learning and performance
  • Outcome-based education and its impact on mental wellness
  • Is the current college education keeping up with the demands in the job market?
  • Has learning been affected by the expanding classes?
  • How do school uniforms/strict dress codes affect learning?
  • How literacy can be achieved for everyone
  • Violence in school and how to develop a safe environment
  • Adult education: should you continue with learning after college?

15 Special Education Research Paper Topics to Write a Worthy Paper

Special education helps beat hurdles that keep children with disabilities or special needs from learning. It focuses on delivering individualized learning to children in a bid to help them succeed academically.

If you want to present a research paper that focuses on special education, there are several wonderful topics for you.

Some of these include:

  • Teaching techniques for blind students and possible improvements
  • Educating children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: what are the challenges?
  • Problems children with special needs face when learning and solutions
  • Music in learning for autistic children
  • Impact of bullying on special needs students: are there mechanisms to protect these children?
  • Inclusivity in students with learning disorders: is it detrimental or beneficial?
  • Teaching deaf children: the current situation, challenges, and potential solutions
  • Is there a need to completely separate special Ed schools from regular schools?
  • Inclusivity policies in public schools when it comes to children with disabilities
  • How to boost educator efficacy in special education
  • Can technology be used to improve learning for children with special needs?
  • Mainstream classrooms versus special classes for students with learning disabilities
  • Social challenges children with special needs face when learning in mainstream schools
  • Parents’ role in educating children with disabilities
  • Equipping children with emotional and behavioral disorders with social skills

10 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Education to Pick Up

Need to craft a research paper in education?

Are you looking for something exciting or refreshing?

A research paper, more so in education, doesn’t need to be dull or uninspiring.

Here are 10 great education topics you should consider for an interesting research paper:

  • Is education a lifelong endeavor, or does it end at some point?
  • The good and bad of incorporating sex education in high schools
  • Do college graduates earn more money once employed?
  • How can technology change the methods of instruction in schools in the future?
  • Is the vast debt associated with college worth it in the long-run?
  • Are grades an accurate representation of students’ knowledge, or is there a better way?
  • How to reform schools to make learning more appealing to learners
  • Should high schools invest more in career counseling?
  • Games and learning: the importance of gaming in education
  • Academic dishonesty: tackling plagiarism and cheating in schools

10 Explorable Higher Education Topics Research Paper

There are various issues, trends, questions, and topics surrounding higher learning in the US and the world. And you can turn these things into excellent research paper topics.

Some of the best topics in higher school are:

  • Online and distance learning in higher education: pros and cons
  • The top challenges universities are facing today
  • University admission criteria: are university demands on applicants reasonable?
  • Cheating in online exams: how can it be minimized?
  • Increasing debt among college students: is education becoming more expensive?
  • The quality of college education in the US: do the standards on paper reflect the actual quality?
  • Do degree holders get higher pay on average?
  • How higher education influences a person’s standing in the community
  • How has digital media and tech advancements affected tertiary learning?
  • How have universities responded to the changing needs of learners in recent years?

Conclusion & Final Takeaways

If you need research paper topics education, these suggestions should help you. While education is a broad sector with lots of things to talk about, you still need to pick topics wisely. That’s why we have provided expert tips on choosing topics for your research paper.

All in all, choosing a title from these paper topics is just the first step. If you need help developing your research paper from scratch, our professional paper writers can help.

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