Engineering Research Paper Topics

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120 Engineering Research Paper Topics

Engineering problems and the need to solve them arose before humanity from the moment of its inception. Ancient civilizations would have been impossible without technical knowledge because even then, huge cities were being built, in the design of which engineering thought was used.

The purpose of this collection of research topics is to acquaint anyone interested in real-life engineering with specific situations that arise in the course of almost any type of professional activity of an engineer and require resolution at the level of ethical problems.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Engineering Research Paper Topic?

Before starting your research, you should first define the direction of engineering. There are many directions and topics where you can find an interesting topic for your research. Students who love history can delve deeper into engineering anthropology and understand the many phenomena and development of this science. Those students who love biology can find a topic in genetic engineering.

Also, each student can freely approach the teacher to advise on how to choose the best topic. A person with years of experience will help you find the topic that will help you find a lot of helpful engineering information.

And don’t forget that you can find good Engineering Research Paper Topics in this article. The specialists of our service have found relevant topics for you that need high-quality research. These topics meet the requirements of many universities.

List of Engineering Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. What does engineering anthropology study?
  2. Development of science and engineering culture.
  3. Engineering thinking in an anthropological context.
  4. What were the obstacles in ancient times on the way to the professionalism of an engineer?
  5. Engineering activities.
  6. How has the research and development activity of an engineer evolved?
  7. The invention is a kind of engineering activity.
  8. The innovative activity of the engineer.
  9. The structure and evolution of the technosphere.
  10. The history of the first food companies in Europe and Asia.
  11. The most basic laws of engineering anthropology.
  12. The Engineering Profession in Historical Perspective.
  13. Trends and directions of engineering development.
  14. Features of engineering activities and systems technical thinking.
  15. The problem of humanizing engineering education and humanizing engineering activities.
  16. The social role and social responsibility of the engineering community.
  17. The first engineering problems and the need to solve them.
  18. Technical knowledge in building the first big cities.
  19. A striking example of the use of engineering knowledge is the Egyptian pyramids.
  20. Lighthouse of Alexandria, Hanging Gardens of Babylon. Miracles or Applications of Engineering Knowledge?

20 Genetic Engineering Topics for Research Paper

  1. What is genetic engineering, and what does it study?
  2. What is the purpose of genetic engineering?
  3. Stages of genetic engineering methods.
  4. Obtaining genetic material.
  5. Embedding of DNA fragments into a molecule.
  6. Introduction of recombinant DNA into the cell.
  7. Selection of clones of cells containing hybrid DNA molecules.
  8. How is the enzymatic synthesis of complex genes carried out?
  9. In what areas of production is genetic engineering needed?
  10. What are the prospects for the development of genetic engineering?
  11. The use of genetic engineering methods in medicine.
  12. The use of genetic engineering methods in the food industry.
  13. The use of genetic engineering methods in innovative technologies.
  14. Mutant genes.
  15. How does the US government finance the development of genetic engineering?
  16. The science of the laws of heredity and variability.
  17. Genotype and phenotype.
  18. Allelic and non-allelic genes.
  19. Dominant and recessive genes.
  20. Medical biology and genetics.

20 Industrial Engineering Diversity Research Paper Topics

  1. Types of professions in engineering.
  2. Engineering activities and the system of higher technical education in the United States.
  3. The model of the modern engineer in an industrial society.
  4. Engineering and higher technical education in the UK.
  5. Engineering activities and the system of higher technical education in Germany.
  6. Engineering and the system of higher technical education in France.
  7. Engineering activities and the system of higher technical education in Japan.
  8. Engineering activities and the system of higher technical education in China.
  9. Engineering problems of food production and machine-hardware options for their solution.
  10. Results and prospects for the development of food industry enterprises.
  11. Quality category in the food industry.
  12. Physical and mechanical processes in the food industry.
  13. Thermal processes in the food industry.
  14. Physical and chemical processes in the food industry.
  15. Mass transfer processes in the food industry.
  16. Biochemical and microbiological processes in the food industry.
  17. The importance of techno chemical control in the food industry.
  18. Functions of a process engineer and mechanical engineer in a food enterprise.
  19. Equipment for the preparation of raw materials for the primary technological operations.
  20. Equipment for mechanical processing of food masses.

20 Environmental Engineering Diversity Research Paper Topics

  1. The development of human economic activity.
  2. Intense human impact on the environment.
  3. Scientific and educational activities in the field of nature protection.
  4. Rational use of natural resources.
  5. What kind of specialists are there who can monitor the environmental situation?
  6. Development of new low-waste technologies.
  7. How is the expertise of industrial facilities and technological solutions carried out?
  8. Assessment of the state of the environment before the construction of any industrial enterprise.
  9. What disciplines should environmental engineers study?
  10. Technogenic systems and environmental risk.
  11. Environmental monitoring and environmental protection systems.
  12. Where do future professionals get hands-on experience in environmental engineering?
  13. Environmental assessment of the technogenic state of the air.
  14. Who is involved in the development of environmental protection measures?
  15. Environmental assessment of the technogenic state of water and soil.
  16. Environmental assessment of the technogenic state of biological and physical impacts on the environment.
  17. Training of modern, creative, and positive-minded specialists capable of solving modern environmental problems.
  18. Using the achievements of environmental engineering in education and practical research.
  19. Who takes part in research and environmental conservation activities.
  20. How do the media, environmental firms, environmental projects, and foundations work in different countries?

20 Engineering Ethics Research Paper Topics

  1. Stages of professional development of a personality in engineering.
  2. What is Engineering Ethics?
  3. How to adhere to engineering ethics?
  4. The main tasks of ergonomics and engineering psychology.
  5. Why do you need a work ethic in an enterprise?
  6. How can a work ethic prevent many problems in the enterprise?
  7. Ways of penetration of humanitarian knowledge into engineering.
  8. How can knowledge about a person be connected with engineering thinking in different ways?
  9. Basic principles of engineering ethics.
  10. A system of moral principles that are applied in practice in engineering.
  11. How can an ethical engineer help the community better?
  12. What values ​​are morally desirable in engineering practice and research?
  13. What ethical questions should every engineer go through before starting their career development?
  14. Product conceptualization with all ethical standards.
  15. Ethical issues in design and test departments.
  16. Ethical issues related to production and services. How to solve them?
  17. Moral issues during supervision and teamwork.
  18. Compliance with ethical standards and the law.
  19. What are the most important moral values ​​of an engineer?
  20. How can an engineer avoid moral degradation?

20 Great Engineering Research Paper Ideas

  1. Theories of choosing a profession in the direction of engineering.
  2. Professiographic analysis of the training and activities of an engineer.
  3. Formation and development of professional competence during training.
  4. Design and engineering activities of an engineer.
  5. Organizational and managerial activities of an engineer.
  6. Production and technological activities of an engineer.
  7. American and European engineers and inventors (in the field of food production).
  8. Types of engineering education programs.
  9. Integration of American and International Engineering Training Systems.
  10. Trends in the development of technological equipment for food production.
  11. Energy-saving and resource-saving technologies in the food industry.
  12. Low-waste and non-waste technologies in the food industry.
  13. Food engineering of small industries.
  14. A high degree of complexity of the modern technosphere and its deep penetration into the life of society.
  15. Equipment for heat treatment of food masses.
  16. Equipment for filling and packaging finished products.
  17. Mechanization and automation of technological processes in the food industry.
  18. Construction materials in the food industry.
  19. Production lines in the food industry.
  20. Methodologies used in systems engineering.

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