Ethical Research Paper Topics

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105 Best Ethical Research Paper Topics

If you’re a student, you would be required to write ethical research papers quite often. When you are looking for a good subject for your ethical paper, it can be quite difficult to choose an interesting idea that will hook the readers and impress your professor.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Ethical Research Paper Topics

Here are effective tips to create a successful manuscript without problems:

  1. Remember you should pick up a broad subject and then narrow it to focus on it well.
  2. Never try to write about those things you are not interested in because you will risk making your work sound very uninteresting and boring.
  3. In this article, we offer reading a list of interesting ethical topics that will help you to get a bright idea about your future paper. Go ahead to choose an exciting idea!

Who Created This List of Ethical Research Paper Topics?

Ethics is a quite important subject in our everyday life. We have carefully gathered the most effective subjects and made this list of successful ethical topics to help you in choosing an interesting idea for your future paper. Go ahead, read these amazing topics and create your own manuscript without wasting a lot of time and nerves!

15 Debatable Topics for Research Paper

  1. What are the moral things in the problem of abortion?
  2. Why do some people argue about eating meat?
  3. Plastic and beauty production: to use or not to use?
  4. Is it unethical to have a pile of money?
  5. Should people buy products from companies that produce them from GMO?
  6. Is it ethical to divide men’s and women’s rights in various countries?
  7. Sexism and workplace ethics: why companies hire less women than men?
  8. The problem of racism and how we can  solve it
  9. Why society is against LGBT+ people?
  10. Should we accept euthanasia in all countries?
  11. Should students participate in political parties?
  12. Is it ethical to use drugs if they were legal?
  13. The problems of ethic that appeared with automating various jobs
  14. Why do so many companies not hire women in leading positions?
  15. A person’s right to their privacy: how far does it go?

15 Easy Ethical Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it ethical to use animals to test various products?
  2. The problem of refugees in your country
  3. How does carbon impact having kids?
  4. Should modern people be responsible for those wars their nation had in the past?
  5. Universal income: the main pros and cons of having it
  6. How should the government control the press?
  7. Should all the students learn religion in schools as a necessary subject?
  8. Is it ethical to download files and software from the Internet for free?
  9. Is it ethical to prevent bullying in schools?
  10. Child-free families: is it ethical for a society?
  11. Is it normal to visit a psychologist if a person cannot solve the problem on their own?
  12. Is it ethical to commit a crime if you have protected yourself?
  13. Ethical rules for mass media: why do some newspapers ignore it?
  14. The ethical side of relationship with the person of the same sex
  15. Is it ethical to spy on someone online?

15 Ethical Egoism Research Paper Topics

  1. Should parents control their kids when they are surfing the Internet?
  2. Is it right to report a car accident if you have no witnesses?
  3. What should a nurse do if a patient refuses to take meds?
  4. How to talk with a person whose political views are different from yours?
  5. Is it ethical to sell something cheap for big money?
  6. Is it normal to lie about your work experience if you want to get the job of your dream?
  7. Is it ethical to use the poverty of your job even if it’s illegal?
  8. Is it ethical to take revenge on a partner who was cheating?
  9. Is it legal to post a photo online of someone who doesn’t have social media accounts?
  10. What would you say if your teacher said offensive words about your friend?
  11. Is it normal to let a small boy wear dresses if he insists on it?
  12. Could you marry a partner of another religion even if your parents are against it?
  13. Is it ethical to make an abortion because something is wrong with a fetus?
  14. Could you borrow money from your friend when you know he or she needs money too?
  15. Is it normal to explain to people that you are a vegan?

15 Controversial Ethical Topics For Research Paper

  1. Is it legal for people to have a gun at home without permission?
  2. Would you tell your best friend that their partner is cheating?
  3. Is it ethical to tell someone that their outfit looks ugly?
  4. Should vegan products be sold in every store?
  5. Would you give money back if a waiter gives you too much change in a restaurant?
  6. Is it ethical to lie to your parents if they are sticking their nose to your life too much?
  7. Is it ethical for police to use violence against people?
  8. Should police officers wear guns in public places?
  9. How to define when it’s too much force?
  10. Should a suicide be defined as a crime?
  11. Is interrogation ethical in our world?
  12. Can we make tortures legal and why?
  13. Is it legal for judges to lie?
  14. Is it ethical to work undercover as a private detective?
  15. Should people allow the police to see all their private data?

15 Ethical Leadership Research Paper Topics

  1. Which problems connected to ethics can people have when they’re surfing the Internet?
  2. Can AI algorithms be ethical?
  3. Which moral problems can be connected to AI?
  4. Which moral effect does anonymity have on people?
  5. Which laws to use to protect someone online?
  6. Is it legal to spy on someone using the computer?
  7. Is it ethical to use photos of another person online?
  8. How should computer crimes be defined?
  9. Tech companies and ethical issues
  10. Why do some companies need good ethics boards for their clients?
  11. Is it ethical to use drones everywhere?
  12. The ethical responsibility of developing new products for people
  13. Ethical conflicts that can appear when using computers
  14. Racial differences in facial recognition systems and how to prevent errors?
  15. When is it legal to hack someone’s computer or a laptop?

15 Ethical Research Paper Ideas

  1. Should pedophiles be allowed to have their own kids?
  2. Ethical problems in prisons
  3. Should students learn ethics in school?
  4. Is it legal to drink alcohol at school on holidays?
  5. The ethical problems of people in prisons
  6. Which rights do prisoners have?
  7. Is it important to keep anonymity during public research?
  8. How is the country responsible for their people’s health?
  9. Is it ethical to pay money for healthcare?
  10. Why is it not safe to keep private data online?
  11. Is it safe to have social media profiles with so much private data?
  12. What should be with social media accounts when the owner is dead?
  13. Is it ethical to pay for downloading software?
  14. How is it possible to prevent online bullying?
  15. How to protect the rights of the person online?

15 Ethical Issues Topics For Research Paper

  1. Is it legal to use drugs for sports competitions?
  2. Ethics in sports: the main aspects
  3. The main moral responsibilities of sportsmen
  4. Sexism in sports: a common problem
  5. Is it important for a sports referee to be 100% ethical?
  6. Are professional sports events ethical in the modern environment?
  7. Ethical issues and healthcare of sportsmen
  8. Is it legal to set high salaries for professional sportsmen?
  9. Why do disabled sportsmen cannot take part in the Olympics?
  10. Which role does money play in professional sports?
  11. The ethical side of motorsports
  12. Is it legal to participate in the Olympics for children?
  13. How do people become professional athletes and which ethical problems do they get?
  14. Ethics and sports: the main problems, the main solutions
  15. Why is it so important to learn the ethical rules of sports?

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