Fashion Research Paper Topics

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100 Fashion Research Paper Topics

For many students writing a research paper may appear to be a boring task. Fashion makes it much more fun, doesn’t it? This scope is so multi-faceted that everyone can find their cup of tea while deciding what to write about.

There’s no need to worry if you feel baffled by the task as the topic of fashion is not a common sphere to write a paper on. For this reason, we made up a simple instruction on how to pick a perfect topic for your work and provide you with a hundred examples of topics that may attract your eye!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Fashion Research Paper Topic?

Sometimes, the hardest part of the work is to come up with the topic that suits your interests best. So, first of all, you should think of what you personally are most attracted to. It can be anything from new trends to the ancient history of fashion (early states had their fashion too!). This will constrict your research field.

The next step is to compose the topic into a well-targeted statement or question. Consider your teacher’s demands so that your topic is neither too broad nor too narrow.

Finally, do some previous research to find out if you can find enough information to include in your research paper. For some topics there is hardly any information on the Internet, so you’ll have to expand your topic to cover more aspects or even to pick another one.

List of Fashion Research Paper Topics

  1. Fashion as a means of communication
  2. How Paris and Milan became the most important fashion cities?
  3. Male fashion and masculinity
  4. Why is Asian fashion so different from American and European fashion?
  5. Social influence of fashion nowadays
  6. Best global brands: Chanel
  7. The influence of Kanye West on fashion
  8. Sexism in fashion advertisements
  9. Are high prices for haute couture clothes justified?
  10. The problem of fast fashion in Chinese clothing factories workers
  11. What is considered to be timeless fashion? Why?
  12. How has Anna Wintour revitalized Vogue?
  13. Function over fashion or fashion over function?
  14. Top 5 fashion designers of the XXI century
  15. Fashion style and its history (one style of your choice)
  16. Phases of fashion movement
  17. How fashion dictates a perfect body image?
  18. Impact of hippie fashion in the 1960-s
  19. Are luxury brands overrated?
  20. How does fashion reshape cultural values?

20 Interesting Research Paper Topics About Fashion

  1. The phenomena of fast fashion
  2. What was wrong with 2000-s fashion?
  3. Myths about skincare fashion we still believe
  4. What was the best era in fashion? Why?
  5. Iconography: the case of Lady Gaga
  6. Political figures who have played role in the development of fashion
  7. The impact of fashion on teenagers’ mental health
  8. General trends in red carpet fashion
  9. Why there’s so much hate for Zara and Bershka nowadays?
  10. What is the most fabricated brand and why?
  11. Impact of Kim Kardashian on fashion
  12. Features of fashion as a socio-cultural norm
  13. Best global brands: Gucci
  14. Gender in fashion
  15. How to develop a personal style?
  16. Fashion of the United Kingdom’s royal family
  17. The fetishization of black people in modern fashion
  18. 1950-s in fashion
  19. What makes Kendall Jenner one of the most highly-paid models?
  20. Fashion in Islamic countries

20 Good Fashion History Research Paper Topics

  1. What is fashion and how did it emerge?
  2. The interconnection of fashion and media
  3. Sexual content in fashion advertisements
  4. Modern trends in the fashion industry
  5. How is fashion joining the political conversation?
  6. The influence of Coco Chanel on fashion
  7. Fashion in the 1960-s
  8. The role of accessories in fashion
  9. History of fashion design
  10. Iconography: the case of Naomi Campbell
  11. Do mass-market clothes deserve the hate?
  12. Trends in fashion photography
  13. The role of fashion magazines in the XXI century
  14. Modern shopping habits
  15. Underwear fashion trends of 2022
  16. The importance of Fashion Weeks for the fashion industry
  17. Why is Jean Paul Gaultier often described as an “enfant terrible” of the fashion industry?
  18. Fashion in the Medieval epoch
  19. Best global brands: Nike
  20. What is the future of fashion?

20 Best Research Paper Topics About Fashion Industry

  1. Who are the greatest modern fashion influencers?
  2. “Spend now, think later” as a forced thinking
  3. How is fashion influenced by celebrities?
  4. The influence of feminism on fashion and fashion brands
  5. What was the worst fashion era? Why?
  6. Social hierarchy and fashion
  7. Why do we wear some clothes for decades and others fail to be sold out?
  8. Types of fashion
  9. How to mix styles properly?
  10. Clothes from the past that are becoming fashionable again
  11. Iconography: the case of Martin Margiela
  12. Social issues connected to fashion
  13. The impact of the music industry on fashion
  14. How to dress according to your body type?
  15. Hipster fashion
  16. Women’s fashion in the 1980-s
  17. Why does fashion need fashion shows?
  18. The influence of capitalism on fashion
  19. Best global brands: Dior
  20. How TikTok dictates fashion trends?

20 Great Fashion Research Paper Ideas

  1. Racism in fashion advertisements
  2. Subcultures and fashion
  3. Does modern fashion give more space for diversity or erase one’s uniqueness?
  4. The emergence of jeans, mini-skirts, and bikinis: iconic clothes in the fashion
  5. The importance of textile for a subtle outfit
  6. Hip hop culture and fashion
  7. Cyclicality of fashion
  8. Best global brands: Louis Vuitton
  9. A burst of the punk fashion in the 1970-s
  10. The effect of fashion on everyday life
  11. Iconography: case of Carl Lagerfeld
  12. The golden age of French fashion
  13. History of couture beginnings
  14. The impact of the WW2 on fashion
  15. Why is minimalist fashion so demanded?
  16. Supermodels and fashion
  17. Fashion in the 1990-s
  18. Cultural influence on fashion
  19. Is it a good idea for women in their 40-s to follow youth fashion trends?
  20. Sex in the City and fashion

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