Feminist Research Paper Topics

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50+ Feminist Research Paper Topics for A+ Writing Results

Writing a research paper about the feminist movement is a challenging task. Of course, it is interesting and has plenty of opportunities for original and relevant research. But it is also quite challenging.

The thing is that some topics are sensitive, while others are too trending to offer unique insights and arguments. If you are looking for a topic that will be perfect from inside and out, look no further. Stop with this list and pick the best idea for your research project right away.

But before we proceed with the topic list, below are a few memorable guidelines on proper topic selection.

How to Select the Best Feminist Research Paper Topic?

If choosing the topic for a research paper isn’t your favorite task on the agenda, we understand you quite well. It is always a challenge. Unlike when assigned a specific topic by the tutor, such a liberty of choice comes with few responsibilities.

  1. You have to search the web for days to find a good topic.
  2. Even when you find a good topic, it is not always a perfect match with the instructions.
  3. You can adapt the topic to comply with the brief. But what if it doesn’t offer enough data sources?
  4. You check databases first to verify whether your topic has enough research material to work on. Next, what if the topic is no longer of interest to you?
  5. You can adapt the topic again. Every topic is flexible. Just change the research method, geographical domain, timeframe, etc. Try different variants to see what paper idea works best for you.

And as you can see, the topic selection process is difficult. But it’s not doomed to failure. So don’t be afraid to experiment.

List of Feminist Research Paper Topics

  1. What is the impact of feminist ideas on women’s personal lives?
  2. Outline the history of women in American politics.
  3. Deconstructing the myths about feminists and feminism.
  4. Can the feminist movement lead to the superiority of women?
  5. How many genders exist in humanity?
  6. Profit motives: women work harder for less but are still shut out of many industries.
  7. The possibility of feminist theory.
  8. Your opinion on Mary Wollstonecraft’s 1794 tract, a Vindication of the Rights of a Woman.
  9. Seeing beyond the binary: the photographic construction of queer identity in interwar Paris and Berlin.
  10. Ways in which women reflect the male characters.
  11. Compare views on the feminism of Wollstonecraft and Martin Luther King.
  12. Is there a connection between feminism and criminality?
  13. Analyze feminism activation in the 20th century.

15 Feminist Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. Normative and descriptive components in feminist theory.
  2. Why sexism and androcentrism should be eliminated from the results of research.
  3. Are there professional distinction requirements for men and women?
  4. Feminist sociology and knowledge: core contributions to the higher education practices.
  5. Feminism in advertising irony.
  6. The resurgence of gender inequality in India.
  7. Intersectionality, identity politics, and violence against women
  8. of color.
  9. Media ready feminism and everyday sexism.
  10. Intersectionality as a normative and empirical paradigm.
  11. Analyze heteronormativity in feminist economics.
  12. Is there a connection between the type of social media and the gender of a person?
  13. Analyze main feminist approaches in social science and their efficiency.
  14. Issues of epistemology and methodology in feminist sociological research.
  15. Gender and British postgraduate funding policy: main issues.

15 Topics for Feminist Philosophy Research Paper

  1. Full frontal feminism – what is still preventing women from achieving equality?
  2. The role of fashion in distinguishing between feminists.
  3. What are the three stages in women’s writing over the centuries?
  4. Does the category of “feminist art” exist as any recognizable type of art-making?
  5. Do women have a right to prevent pregnancy during sex to the extent of the technology available? Explain your position.
  6. The life and main achievements of Rebecca Torres: an arrogant and wrong-headed feminist.
  7. Can feminist methodology reduce power hierarchies in research settings?
  8. Feminism in the Yellow Wallpaper and the story of an hour.
  9. Eating as a self-shaping activity: based on young women’s vegetarianism and eating disorders.
  10. Comprehensive sexual education in Africa: a philosophical feminist approach.
  11. Examine feminist philosophy of science: history, contributions, main controversies.
  12. The contradiction of terms: feminist theory, philosophy, and transdisciplinarity.
  13. Women, rights, and citizenship in a globalized world.
  14. Approaches to contemporary feminist theory: critical examination from both multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspectives.
  15. Initiatives bringing feminist Southern voices across the globe.

10 Feminist Research Paper Ideas

  1. How social media has changed the feminist movement.
  2. How influencers impact the feminist revolution.
  3. Workspace harassment: how to avoid gender biases.
  4. The sexual revolution and the concept of gender.
  5. Analyze main arguments against the feminist movement.
  6. Why do non-feminists disagree with feminists?
  7. Historical examples of how a hairstyle can function as a political statement.
  8. Sexual orientation and gender.
  9. When did women receive the right to own property in America?
  10. Concept and history of liberal feminism.

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