Film Research Paper Topics

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120 Film Research Paper Topics

The filmmaking industry involves a lot of things to talk about. However, what aspect to choose to write a stellar film research paper? Experts from all over the world have made up a list of the most fascinating and relevant topics on this matter. Among them, there are issues of different types and subjects. At the same time, all are eye-catching and impressive.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Film Research Paper Topic?

You might not be very confident about what topic to choose from, such a long list below. There’s nothing weird about that! Writers with extensive experience have prepared you tips you should pay attention to, first of all.

  1. Never miss the subject that your research should cover.

The film industry is a vast and informative field. It includes a lot of narrow aspects you may need to reveal. The topic of your research paper should have a direct relation to the course you take. If the discipline is the history of filmmaking, you may need to research some historical matter. However, if your subject is modernism in filmmaking, you should choose something ongoing, relevant, and streaming.

  1. Make your point clear, but leave a mystery.

Your message should be concise and clear. Everyone, after reading the heading of your paper, should understand what you mean. However, some puzzles should take place. It is the only way to make a good impression on the reader from the beginning and interest them to continue finding out the matter.

  1. Write a thorough but concise statement for the topic

Many students make the mistake of thinking that the more complex the topic is formulated, the higher grade you can get for the paper. However, it would help if you remembered another correlation too. The more conflicts your matter has, the fewer chances you have to get an A+ grade. What is more, in this case, the word “conflicts” is ambiguous. It implies that your topic should not cover many aspects while being as straightforward as possible, even if the subject is difficult to understand.

List of Film Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. Sociology as a science of human evolution: What films say?
  2. The matters of culture in filmmaking
  3. What techniques do filmmakers usually use to shoot a biology film with historical aspects of evolution?
  4. How do technologies and innovation influence the field of anthropology filmmaking?
  5. What is the role of culture in filmmaking?
  6. Biology films as the more effective way of teaching children
  7. What films are the best in anthropology motifs?
  8. Who are the most prominent movie directors in anthropology?
  9. Archeological films and what is their purpose
  10. The first anthropology movies and their influence on the film industry as a whole
  11. Modifications and quality changes in anthropology filmmaking
  12. The role of the American film industry in biology
  13. What are anthropology films, and what is their history?
  14. Films about language and language discrimination
  15. Human evolution as one of the most famous film topics
  16. Why are biological motifs less popular in filmmaking than anthropology ones?
  17. Whose anthropology theories are usually used in movies?
  18. What is the share of fantasy in anthropology films?
  19. Is the human imagination crucial to watching anthropology films?
  20. Are archeological films more scientific or entertaining?

20 Film History Topics for Research Paper

  1. The evolution in film special effects
  2. First movie and how do they differ from modern ones?
  3. What are silent films, and what is their place in contemporary filmmaking?
  4. Animation effects and use of other techniques by movie directors
  5. What are the most visible changes and modifications in filmmaking in the last 20 years?
  6. Cinematographers of the 21st century
  7. Sound developments in the filmmaking industry
  8. Technical progress and movie production
  9. The 20th century as the most fruitful period of development in the filmmaking
  10. Awards in the film industry
  11. The emergence of cinema infrastructure
  12. Movies as the best means of men entertainment
  13. Hollywood flourishing times
  14. The most prominent actors of the 20th century
  15. The modification in actors’ behavior in the film set
  16. Fees to actors: What are they in comparison to ones in the ’80s and ’90s?
  17. Animation films: How are they made?
  18. History of animation movies and special effects
  19. Fellini as the most prominent movie director of all times
  20. Classical and modern films: Main differences

20 Film Class Research Paper Topics

  1. Film genres
  2. The specifics of modeling the script of television show programs
  3. Top categories of movies
  4. Detective film
  5. The most expensive films of Netflix
  6. Crime series
  7. Low budget movies
  8. American filmmaking
  9. Science fiction
  10. Can Star Wars become a new film category?
  11. Contemporary historical films
  12. Classic movies
  13. Modern filmmaking
  14. Series and a movie
  15. TV channels and programs
  16. English filmmaking
  17. Comedies
  18. Anthropology series
  19. Spanish movie production
  20. Soap operas

20 Film Studies Research Paper Topics

  1. Film as an effective advertising tool
  2. The screenplay for a documentary
  3. Stages of work on a documentary
  4. Youth theme in documentary filmmaking
  5. The artistic value in documentaries
  6. The problem of generations in documentaries
  7. Video recordings
  8. Cinematography promotion
  9. The process of casting the part
  10. Cinematography
  11. Producers and filmmakers
  12. Reflection of ideology in the visual arts and cinema
  13. Movie director
  14. Show programs
  15. New methods and practices in the filmmaking of the 21st century
  16. The role of documentaries in the filmmaking industry
  17. Television criticism
  18. Cinema critics
  19. Cinematography as a Sociocultural Phenomenon and Its Impact on Society
  20. Modern computer and digital cinema technologies

20 Film Music Research Paper Topics

  1. Classical music in films
  2. Customized music in filmmaking: What are the benefits?
  3. How can music convey the mood of the film?
  4. What is the place of music and sounds for film special effects?
  5. The prominent composers of film music of the 21st century
  6. Incidental music
  7. Sequence music and how it influences the first impression on the film
  8. The theme song for the film: How to choose the right song or melody?
  9. Electronic music in series
  10. Classic composers’ melodies in the horror films
  11. The development of electronic technology of music-making
  12. How can the soundtrack promote its film?
  13. Background music
  14. The place of musicals in the current media production
  15. How musicians promote themselves in films
  16. Music in cartoons
  17. How does music reveal the emotional state of the characters?
  18. Rhino Records as the best record label of all times
  19. International awards on film music
  20. Live music in films

20 Great Film Research Paper Ideas

  1. New cinematographic professions
  2. Chronotope as a director’s technique in an audiovisual work
  3. Impact of “product placement” on the audience in the cinema
  4. The role of the producer in organizing film production
  5. Creative personality on the documentary screen
  6. Features of producer management in global teams
  7. Multimedia systems development
  8. Global centers of filmmaking
  9. Movie production in the 21st century
  10. Discrimination motifs in filmmaking
  11. Asian filmmaking industry
  12. The discrimination of western movies in the 20th century
  13. Aesthetics in movies
  14. Mystery of the first and the last season of series
  15. Feminist films
  16. Religious and cultural propaganda in movies
  17. Relevance of biography series
  18. Psychology in filmmaking
  19. Deduction and induction as the technique of movie directors
  20. The integrity of movie production

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