Food Research Paper Topics

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100 Food Research Paper Topics

“There is no love sincerer than the love of food,” said George Bernard Shaw once. For this reason, food is a great field to write a research paper about – we are all engaged and interested in it. As food is not a common scope for writing, you may experience some difficulties with what exactly to write about. Even though the sphere of food is catchall, we give you some solid ground to push off.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Food Research Paper Topic?

First and foremost, it is obvious that you should choose a topic which fits your interests. This can be everything – from the development of your favorite dish and analysis of your diet and its benefits to serious questions like social issues connected to food and the aspects of the food industry.

Nevertheless, you need to be careful with the topic you pick because some aspects have a close connection to chemistry, biology, and other disciplines. Keep in mind that you need to have some additional understanding of these sciences to elaborate successfully on some topics, so consider your knowledge and skills.

Last but not least, take into consideration the requirements for your research paper. The given restrictions like amount, specialization, and deadline will guide you to choose the appropriate topic of a bearable level of difficulty.

List of Food Research Paper Topics

  1. How to maintain a healthy diet considering carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, and minerals?
  2. Can the body truly benefit by excluding meat from a diet?
  3. The problem of food lack
  4. Why have we started cutting carbs?
  5. 10 myths about the food we still believe
  6. Are bodybuilding supplements harmful to health?
  7. How to reduce the chance of cancer with a proper diet?
  8. The significance of water for health
  9. The reasons for food waste
  10. Tea vs coffee: which drink is better for our health?
  11. An apple a day keeps a doctor away. Why?
  12. Are food wrappers 100% honest with the consumers?
  13. World food aid programs
  14. Why do people have food allergies?
  15. The freezing preservation of foods
  16. What are functional foods?
  17. WW2 and the battle for food
  18. Simple carbs vs complex carbs: what’s the difference?
  19. Top food sources of protein
  20. How to lose weight with a diet without harming health?

20 Interesting Food and Nutrition Research Paper Topics

  1. Cultural factor in eating habits
  2. The problem of consumption of sweetened beverages
  3. How to reduce the chance of heart diseases with a proper diet?
  4. The phenomena of freegans
  5. Why do we need to eat vegetables to be healthy?
  6. The influence of religion on nutrition
  7. The problem of obesity in the USA
  8. Are sugar and sweet food addictive?
  9. Why are sweet and fattening foods so pleasurable to eat?
  10. Food and nutrition policy in the USA
  11. Is genetically modified meat harmful to our health?
  12. Most common foods people are allergic to
  13. Food groups and their properties
  14. Vitamin and mineral requirements in human nutrition
  15. Proper diet for pregnant women
  16. Why fast foods are bad, even in moderation?
  17. Healthy diet as a part of skincare
  18. Are flavor enhancers bad for our health?
  19. Can nutritional supplements replace the microelements from food?
  20. What are amino acids and why do we need them?

20 Food Industry Research Paper Topics

  1. The impact of globalization on the food industry
  2. How can the government make agriculture and the food industry more eco-friendly?
  3. The problem of a “natural foods” label in the USA
  4. Organic food and organic farming in the USA
  5. The problem of pesticides in conventional farming
  6. Why do we need sustainable agricultural practices?
  7. The impact of the XIX century industrial revolution on food manufacturing
  8. How has trade liberalization affected food trade?
  9. The problem of supermarket giants to farmers
  10. Modern social issues caused by the food industry
  11. Why do average food prices continue to rise?
  12. Food speculation by global players
  13. Modern challenges for the food industry
  14. How does the food industry influence nutrition and health?
  15. Agricultural safety and health
  16. The usage of growth hormones in livestock production
  17. Environmental impact of irrigation
  18. Climate change and agriculture
  19. The future of the food industry
  20. The impact of natural disasters on the food industry

20 Fat Food Research Paper Topics

  1. The difference between saturated and unsaturated fats
  2. The importance of fats for a healthy diet
  3. Why many people are obsessed with high-fat foods?
  4. What are the alternatives to fast food?
  5. What are trans fats and why do we need to avoid them?
  6. Nutritional and health aspects of fats
  7. How many fats should we consume to stay healthy?
  8. Health issues related to excessive fat consumption
  9. Availability of fast-food restaurants as the reason for consuming more fats
  10. Benefits of Omega-3 fatty acid
  11. Do we need to reduce the number of fast-food restaurants?
  12. Is it true that fat food is addictive?
  13. Fat digestion and metabolism
  14. Top food sources of fat
  15. What is cholesterol and why is it dangerous to our health?
  16. Means of promoting lower-fat food choices in schools
  17. Which high-fat foods are actually healthy?
  18. Benefits and drawbacks of fat-free diets
  19. Why do children need more fats than adults?
  20. The influence of fast food advertisements on children

20 Great Food Research Paper Ideas

  1. The importance of a healthy diet for human’s health
  2. Can a vegan diet provide the human organism with all the needed vitamins?
  3. 5 not so obvious foods to include in a healthy diet
  4. How to reduce the chance of getting obese without excluding all sweets and fats from the diet?
  5. The phenomena of negative-calorie foods
  6. How do food advertisements lie to us?
  7. Top 10 most hated foods
  8. Psychological problems connected to food
  9. Why do we tend to buy more food than we can eat?
  10. Most common health issues related to unhealthy diet
  11. Dietary habits in different cultures
  12. Does drinking ice water burn calories?
  13. Umami – the fifth taste
  14. The implementation of the right to food
  15. Top food sources of carbs
  16. Proper diet for breast-feeding women
  17. Genetically modified food controversies
  18. Benefits and drawbacks of food processing
  19. Reasons for food poisoning
  20. How are female and male eating habits different?

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