Health Research Paper Topics

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125 Best Health Research Paper Topics

A health research paper is a document where you must conduct detailed research. Don’t forget about this work that should be connected with healthy subjects. Here it’s very important to select a researchable and attractive topic to impress your future readers.

So, you’re required to create a health research paper, and you’re in big trouble with finding acceptable topics for your future work? Don’t worry, we will provide you with our list of the most successful health research paper topics of five categories, and you’ll write a brilliant work to impress the audience and get a high grade. Go ahead and read our article to the end!

25 Health-Related Topics for Research Paper

  1. Drinking a lot of juice is not so useful.
  2. Why is homemade pizza better than in the pizzeria?
  3. The best diet to lose weight is to eat vegetables and fruits.
  4. The perfect diet for your health.
  5. Watching food competitions can make you a creative cook.
  6. Should children eat snacks in school?
  7. Why does obesity become a big problem in America?
  8. Organic food is healthier than non-organic food.
  9. How do pets affect human health and mood?
  10. Why do some people become serial killers?
  11. What socio-psychological reasons can cause violence?
  12. Why is it important for psychologists to work with military people?
  13. How mass media affects people?
  14. What are the psychological reasons for people to immigrate to another country?
  15. What successful relationships are based on?
  16. What are the psychological reasons for some young people to join gangs?
  17. What are the main social needs of any person?
  18. Why do people have various senses of time depending on the situation?
  19. What are the main reasons that cause bipolar disorder?
  20. How to overcome the traumatic stress of children?
  21. Why do kids get depressed and how do you define your child to have got depression?
  22. What can you say about a person seeing their profile on Facebook?
  23. Why are some people so addicted to social networks?
  24. What socio-psychological reasons cause Internet addiction?
  25. Why are there so many people in the USA who have mental disorders?

25 Mental Health Research Paper Topics

  1. What reasons cause depression?
  2. How stress can be a reason for illness.
  3. How does our memory work? What’s short and long-time memory?
  4. How often divorce causes depression?
  5. How to avoid depression in a woman after childbirth?
  6. How hypnosis could help in healing depression.
  7. Why do some people get divorced after a year of marriage when others live together for their entire life?
  8. How do our phobias affect our personality?
  9. Why do people have different sorts of phobias? Is it a disease?
  10. How is it possible to avoid bad habits?
  11. Why are people born introverts or extroverts? What defines this?
  12. Is it any successful treatment for schizophrenia?
  13. How attachment theory affects relationships?
  14. What makes people anxious?
  15. Why do people have dreams and why don’t all people remember them well?
  16. How does the Internet affect people’s psychological health?
  17. What mechanism causes drug and alcohol addiction?
  18. What are the main strategies for manipulating people?
  19. Why do some people fear being happy?
  20. What causes eating disorders and how to avoid them?
  21. How anxiety disorders develop and what they can lead to?
  22. How intimate relationships affect our psychological health?
  23. Why do so many young people have mental health problems?
  24. What causes Alzheimer’s disease and how to treat it?
  25. How to overcome insecurity and become more confident and brave.

25 Public Health Topics for Research Paper

  1. 5 Things that could make introverts good leaders.
  2. How words affect our brain.
  3. How to be a better communicator and understand people?
  4. Why do most women fall for bad men?
  5. What is the process of love for our brain?
  6. How to make a good motivation for students that are depressed about studying.
  7. Top of 5 things not to say to yourself.
  8. 10 Reasons you are addicted to someone, but not in love.
  9. How to love yourself but not be an egoist?
  10. Why some depressed people can commit suicide?
  11. Does meditation help to relax?
  12. What causes bad sleep at night and how to avoid it?
  13. How to spot an egoist in the crowd?
  14. 10 Signs that show you are in a healthy relationship.
  15. 6 Things you never should tell your partner.
  16. 10 Things that irritate people the most.
  17. The way from pessimist to an optimist.
  18. What causes children to bully in school?
  19. Why do some people love children and want to have many of them when others decide to choose a child-free way.
  20. How does our mental health affect our appetite?
  21. Is it more productive for people to work in groups or alone, and why?
  22. Why do people get a feeling of guilt when they are not guilty?
  23. What’s the nature of human sexuality?
  24. Why are some people born to be leaders when others only can fulfill orders?
  25. What social structure have prisons?

25 Controversial Health Topics for Research Paper

  1. How do our brains work and how we can use them more effectively?
  2. Can the smell affect the way we think?
  3. How to overcome delusions?
  4. Why is it very hard for some people?
  5. How do people separate things the right and wrong?
  6. Why does alcohol cause aggression in adult people?
  7. What causes breast cancer and why many women get ill?
  8. How to heal leukemia in the best way?
  9. Why is it so difficult to heal malaria?
  10. Do we need a law forcing young people to get the HPV vaccine?
  11. How to heal Alzheimer’s disease?
  12. Can we use venom from snakes and spiders in medicine safely?
  13. Why are antioxidants so important to people? How do they help prevent diseases?
  14. How to get over allergies? What medical therapy works the best?
  15. Why are multivitamin pills so important? Is it possible not to take them, but to eat only healthy food?
  16. Why is the flu vaccine only temporary? Why do we need to make a new one for each season?
  17. Why is it so important for health to sleep enough?
  18. Does breastfeeding help to prevent breast cancer?
  19. Why does the flu virus have a new strain each year?
  20. How to avoid cancer effectively?
  21. What causes epilepsy and how it can be treated effectively?
  22. How to prevent memory loss of elder people?
  23. What is the best way to prevent heart diseases?
  24. How deficient vitamin D affects small children?
  25. Can we use 3-D printers in medicine?

25 Health Informatics Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it good even for a healthy person to visit a psychologist?
  2. Is online psychotherapy effective?
  3. The best way to prevent panic disorders.
  4. How to prevent glaucoma?
  5. How sports affect men’s and women’s health?
  6. How stress and tension affect human health?
  7. How bacterias inside humans hurt and help us?
  8. How to treat cancer with nanotechnology help?
  9. How the chemicals in food packaging can affect human health?
  10. What is the best way for a woman to carry a healthy child?
  11. The best diet for human health.
  12. Why are antibacterial soaps and lotions not good for people’s health?
  13. Do antiperspirants affect cancer?
  14. Why is the polio vaccine so important for children’s health?
  15. How to keep your brain healthy longer?
  16. How does the human body protect itself from diseases and viruses?
  17. Can a human get some diseases from wild animals?
  18. How to prevent sexually transmitted diseases?
  19. How antibiotics can help and harm our health?
  20. How to prevent eating disorders in children?
  21. What’s the best way to prevent miscarriages?
  22. How to keep your heart healthy for a long time?
  23. Is dementia fatal? How can it be treated?
  24. How does leukemia affect human health? What are ways to prevent this disease?
  25. Does caffeine really “refresh” our brain?

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