History Research Paper Topics

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90 Best History Research Paper Topics

A history research paper is an argument-driven analysis of part events. Unlike general reviews, such papers don’t simply state what happened when. They go deeper, explain why things happened, how they influenced humanity, culture, etc. Such assignments let students connect the dots in history, observing how one event led to a series of other things as well as the way we see the world today.  That’s why choosing history research paper topics is the most important part of the process. To write a good paper, students should look for something they find remarkable, interesting, exciting, thrilling, etc.

Choosing topics might become more challenging than writing papers. Some students lack creativity, others suffer from having too many ideas. In case you struggle with selecting a perfect topic for your history paper, the list below will be quite helpful. Look through almost 100 options to pick one or get inspired with a topic you wish to explore. This article is sure to save you time for paper writing.

20 History Research Paper Topics For College Students

College assignments usually have strict requirements or guidelines. Follow the teacher’s requests to succeed and pick unique topics from the lists below. Cutting the long story short, this list compiles the best of the best. Pick the one you like or let it spark unique ideas of your own.

  1. Who build the Pyramids all around the world;
  2. The rise and fall of Roman Empire;
  3. JFK’s assassination;
  4. Vietnam War: causes & effects;
  5. Napoleon: life & achievements;
  6. Slave trade in European economy;
  7. The impact of Buddhism on the Chinese Empire;
  8. Declaration of Independence 1776;
  9. Why do languages die;
  10. African tribal culture;
  11. Holocaust: the worst crime in European history;
  12. Things that led to Spanish Inquisition;
  13. Maritime discoveries;
  14. Martin Luther King: life & achievements;
  15. Powerful empires: from Assyria to Byzantium;
  16. War of Roses;
  17. Marco Polo diaries;
  18. Native American tribes in the modern USA;
  19. The role of NATO in modern world history;
  20. Atomic bombs in WWII.

20 Art History Research Paper Topics

Whether we realize it or not, art is of huge value for history as it leaves a huge imprint on human lives. It preserves history to help others learn about life or culture at a certain period. Some popular topics include:

  1. Modern European art: directions and styles;
  2. World Wonders – history and representation in art;
  3. The most famous pieces in the Louvre;
  4. Peculiarities of Raphael’s paintings;
  5. Italian Renaissance costumes;
  6. Leonardo da Vinci art;
  7. The impact of science on sculptures in Ancient Greece;
  8. The influence of Japanese art on European culture;
  9. Gothic architecture: elements and influences;
  10. Baroque and Rococo: similarities and differences;
  11. The main literature authors of the Enlightenment era;
  12. Francisco de Goya’s paintings: historical role & impact;
  13. Surrealism in Salvador Dali’s sculptures;
  14. Symbols used in Frida Kahlo’s paintings;
  15. Investigating myths about Vincent van Gogh;
  16. Mona Lisa’s mystery;
  17. Expressionists’ impact on modern art;
  18. Pop Art;
  19. Ancient Egypt: Art & Influences;
  20. Sistine ceiling by Michelangelo: idea & realization.

20 World History Research Paper Topics

Those who study world history often feel at a loss when choosing one theme due to the abundance of options. In case you need interesting world history research paper topics, you should consider the following ones:

  1. The impact of Roman, Greek, and Egyptian cultures on one another;
  2. The Ottoman Empire: significant events and their role in the world history;
  3. Links between WWI and WWII;
  4. Peculiarities of totalities in European countries in the 20th century;
  5. Human rights evolution in the 20th century;
  6. Women’s rights evolution in modern history;
  7. Industrial revolution;
  8. French revolution: how it influenced the world as we know it;
  9. British Empire collapse: cause & effect;
  10. Why do empires fall?
  11. The impact of religion on world-level events;
  12. Reasons behind the popularity of Nazi’s Ideology;
  13. Cold War;
  14. The split of Christianity: cause & effect;
  15. Presence of monarchies in the modern world;
  16. Black Lives Matter movement;
  17. Globalization;
  18. Berlin Wall;
  19. Brexit and its consequences;
  20. Vietnam syndrome.

10 Ancient History Research Paper Topics

Students who study Ancient History may pick any civilization they feel passionate about. One may research ancient Egypt, Greece, Rome, China, etc. Possibilities seem endless since each of them brought so much to this world.

  1. Alexander of Macedonia: life & achievements;
  2. Julius Caesar: life & achievements;
  3. The reign of Cleopatra;
  4. Ancient Egyptian tombs;
  5. Ancient Rome VS Ancient Greece: culture’s contrast and comparison;
  6. Sparta: real history vs representation in art;
  7. Alexander the Great: achievements;
  8. Emperors of Rome;
  9. The Bronze Age;
  10. Stonehenge: myths & historical analysis.

10 Music History Research Paper Topics

Music has always been one of the ways to record history. While ancient people used it to describe their lifestyle or beliefs, modern styles tend to cover more social issues, politics, etc. Explore how artists reflect on different themes or pick one of the following ideas:

  1. Creating Hits: 100 years of changes in the way music is performed, recorded, and distributed;
  2. The history of jazz;
  3. Rock n’ Roll: style’s impact on art & lifestyle;
  4. Music in ancient cultures;
  5. Mozart’s music: a phenomenal case study;
  6. How trending music changes the world;
  7. Classical composers;
  8. Greek songwriting & instruments;
  9. Beethoven: techniques, style, and influence;
  10. The cultural meaning of Baroque music.

10 Good History Research Paper Topics

In case none of the topics above resonated with you, there are plenty of other great options. Choose historical moments you wish to know better or cover bigger parts of history by observing the changes throughout the centuries.

  1. The great depression: causes & effects;
  2. Communism VS capitalism: contrast & comparison;
  3. The political power of the Pope over the centuries;
  4. How did World wars shape life as we know it;
  5. US immigration laws;
  6. Salem witch trials: causes & effects;
  7. The colonization of America;
  8. Japan’s evolution over the centuries;
  9. Prominent queens in ancient Egypt;
  10. The Caribbean in the golden age of pirates.

How to Select the Best History Research Paper Topics?

History is a huge field that allows students to choose from hundreds of ideas, periods, regions, etc. When students pick history research paper topics, they must do it thoroughly since it impacts the satisfaction they get from the research as well as the grades.

One has to start with selecting the research area. Like in the lists above, students can pick world history, art history, music history, American history, European history, and so on.  If your assignment already determines this, focus on aspects you prefer. Papers often deliver contrast & comparison. Sometimes, they analyze causes & effects. When those options seem boring or too common, you can observe logical connections or show how certain events impact today’s life as we see it.

The next step will be narrowing this field down to a single idea. While students require specific topics described in one sentence, keeping it flexible is essential, too. Additionally, one may choose a certain period or country to make the research more precise.

Finally, as you produce an idea, explore the main resources you may use. If the topic lacks reliable information, switch to another idea immediately. Save yourself some time in the long run by choosing a perfect topic with enough relevant information, official documents, etc.

Keep in mind that such assignments rely on primary documents. Get ready to use the documents from the needed period, e.g. letters, diaries, maps, speeches, etc. They will serve as evidence to support your point of view, argument, thesis, etc.

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