How to Write a 10-Page Paper

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How to Write a Good 10-Page Paper: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Every research paper is based on multiple resources and requirements. Students are commonly confused and disoriented in front of multiple essays demands and topic angles to review.

What Is a 10-Page Paper?

If we talk about a 10-page research paper, it must comprise a lot of credible information applicable to a certain course. Such work must be split into smaller parts because its size makes you feel bewildered. You need to know how to organize a research paper despite its topic and style.

First and foremost, you should stick to all the instructions your professor provides. Of course, we will introduce you to a system that works every time with every work type. However, teachers and professors are the ones grading you, so you should rely on their guidelines accurately.

A 10-page research paper is tough for those who wait till the last minute and possess no system in mind. Otherwise, we will show you the hacks on how to write a 10-page research paper both beforehand and in one night.

How to Start a 10-Page Paper

Even though there is no exact section order in a research paper, the first task is to divide the story into measurable portions, add topic sentences, and make up working hypotheses.

A huge mistake college students make is writing about things that actually are not included in the research paper instructions. They start correctly, but, diving into the essay, they get lost or stuck in the ocean of google information. Consequently, it is important to organize your assignment from the beginning. When you neglect your topic, you create extra work for your professor.

We also advise you to pay attention to some clues or project indicators that usually say something along the lines: your project should consist of the following…, your writing should include…, the following should be discussed…, etc. It is easier to start a 10-page research paper if you understand what they want from you. To follow your essay strategy and structure, ask yourself, “What is my paper about?”. The answer to this question will set a correct direction and outline.

How to Structure a 10-Page Paper

Being a smart student is a bearable task if you have a strategy and structure in your head. First of all, review the project description and highlight the main points you may forget. Choose an APA, MLA, or any style you need to avoid extra stress at the paper end. Copy and paste objectives from guidelines into the word document to pace your instructions word-for-word.

Then, organize it into an effective outline with H1 and H2 headings. Level 1 headings are the main ones signifying each new section in the research paper. After creating the outline core, go under each section and break this down further into subsections called level 2 headings. They are not compulsory but necessary in the case of distinct section topics. All left to do is to go through these sections and fill them with the material. The power of small steps is indeed great.

How to End a 10-Page Paper

Accept your mistakes. Reread, reread, and reread. Let yourself reword sentences, restructure paragraphs, and check for spelling afterward. It takes too much time when you stop after every paragraph. It destroys your flow and eliminates the number of valuable thoughts commonly appearing in that flow.

Remember, you should go quality over quantity, so be ready to reduce or delete some parts. Do not feel pity for these words. One incredible thought is worth a paragraph of water and academic nausea. Still, make sure you did not miss the topic because it eliminates all your effort and consequent research assignment grade.

While rereading the material, keep in mind the next question: “Does this add or subtract to the main point of my entire paper?” If no, delete it and forget. All necessary sections must align and make significant sense of the story.

How to Write a 10-Page Paper in One Day

Two most popular reasons leading to the sleepless night before the day of reckoning:

  • Students do not know what to write about.
  • Students know what to write about, but it is too difficult.

Whichever it is, the same is occurring – you get stuck and overwhelmed, leading to anxiety and frustration. You start procrastinating and feel a sense of doom. We are not judging you, but we explain why it happens so.

In any case, you are here to know how to write a 10-page research paper in one night. As we said, create sections and skip those parts you do not know or understand. If you get stuck and stay in this mental state too long, you will be late. Stop seeing the entire assignment as difficult and exclude the most difficult parts from the beginning. It will keep your brain stimulated, push you forward to the next section, and help you finish the work without noticing it.

If you need more tips on approaching the research paper the night before, here’s the academic material with numbered tips.

More Writing Tips from Our Experts

If you are still reading this article on how to write a 10-page research paper, you are most probably interested in how to write really good papers fast.

The following tips, tricks, and tools will facilitate your essay writing:

  • Set your workspace up for success – free of distractions and filled with enough sleep.
  • Have some notebook to get rid of random thoughts from a brain that wants to run away.
  • Grab a cup of your favorite drink not to feel in jail.
  • Microsoft has autosave features like Google Docs as well.
  • Split a screen between assignments and web material or downloaded documents.
  • Decrease the font to 75-80% to see the entire canvas when typing.
  • Open and pin tabs you frequently need, e.g., Thesaurus, Google Scholar, school portal.
  • Do no write words you will never use in daily conversation.
  • Allow yourself to write bad and deficient first drafts.
  • Allow yourself to flow despite grammar and spelling mistakes.
  • Write an outline of measurable chunks always to know what comes next.
  • Avoid facts absent in the rubric not to make your professor more inclined to a good grade.
  • The outline helps your professor to hunt over keywords and main criteria.
  • The project rubric your professor uses follows the same outline assigned to you.

Last but not least, imagine you are a professor who sees your work first. Would you grade it high? Would you perceive paper structure from the first glance? If no, use the project rubric precisely to give an impression of well-analyzed work.

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