How to Write a Hook for a Research Paper

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How to Write a Good Hook for a Research Paper: An Ultimate Beginner’s Guide

Need to write a research paper but have problems with inspiration? To get a good grade on a student paper, it must make a great first impression. Literally, from the beginning, research work should interest teachers and the audience. To accomplish this, professional writers use the so-called hooks. Hooks are important for student writing, and therefore you need to learn how to find and use them correctly. We will not hide, sometimes it can be quite difficult, so we wrote this article to help you.

What Is a Research Paper Hooks?

Most often, the hook is at the very beginning of an article. Its main goal is to make readers read, and listeners listen to the article with interest to the end. Hook selection is extremely important when writing student papers. In addition, each student should remember that several kinds of hooks must be used only at the correct time and in the right place.

How to Write a Hook for an Argumentative Research Paper

The very name of the research paper implies that when it is written, a scrupulous study of many sources will be carried out. The article should have a well-structured structure and be interesting in content.

Often, an article with interesting research and content on which a student has spent a lot of time is simply not read to the end. This happens because the article does not make a strong impression, and the audience does not want to spend time on it.

Hooks are used to avoiding this situation. These are any statements or ideas that can draw the attention of readers or listeners to your paper. The student needs to be able to choose the most suitable type of hook for their job. Below we will give several enumerations of several types.

Interesting fact

Every person is naturally curious, and therefore everyone loves such facts. Using this type of hook will help you establish yourself as an expert in the field and immediately increase your credibility. At the same time, you need to be very careful when choosing it. The information should be not only reliable and irrefutable but also be relevant to the topic set.

Correctly picked quote

One of the safest options. It is best to use a quote from a famous person whose personality your audience knows. Using a quote shows your listeners or reader that you have done thorough research and are well-versed in the topic. Thanks to the quotation, you, as it were, add the opinion of the person you are citing to your article. This is a great way to get attention.

Interesting statistics

Almost any statistical data contains important information. Indicating numbers shows that your work is filled with meaning, which motivates people to listen or read it to the end. A statistical hook is a great choice for writing information papers. The main thing is that the statistical data should cover the topic as much as possible. When choosing a statistical hook, remember that it must be based on authoritative research, and you must provide a link to it.

Provocative questions in research articles

This kind of hook is rarely used when students write research assignments. This is not surprising since it is more suitable for writing informative and well-reasoned papers. However, if you can choose it correctly, then a high interest in the article is guaranteed.

Good statement

This is one of the most common types of hooks. With it, you can show how important the research you did was. This, in turn, will significantly increase interest in your work.

Of course, these are not all types of hooks that are used in academic writing. However, the rest of the types are poorly suited for writing research assignments. Thus, there is no point in considering them here.

10 Hooks for Research Papers

Now you know which kinds of hooks are good for your research work. It has come to consider a few examples that will help you use them at the beginning of the paper with maximum efficiency.

  1. Almost 4 billion people on the planet use smartphones, and the number continues to grow.
    2. How strong is the anthropogenic impact on global warming?
    3. All galaxies formed at one point about 15 billion years ago.
    4. Is it possible for a society to exist without fresh water?
    5. The main distinction between a successful student and an unsuccessful one.
    6. Because of the effectiveness, online lessons are more preferable to face-to-face lessons.
    7. Nearly 70% of American adults have slept with a gun under their pillow at one point or another.
    8. How important a blog is to an online marketing website.
    9. Will universal education be the weapon of WWIII that will change the world forever?
    10. What habits of a person prevent him from getting good sleep.

Examples of Hooks for Research Paper

  1. Happy family memories are more valuable than money.
    2. Huge farms ease the burden on the economy and meet the nutritional needs of American families.
    3. Do pets have a positive effect on human mental health?
    4. The ability to find the right job is the key to financial success and happiness.
    5. Traveling around the world with a different culture makes people spiritually healthy.
    6. Should Washington D.C. residents pay taxes without having their representation in the federal government?
    7. How destructive are frequent fires in California for society and the environment?
    8. Problems of the endless cycle of moving foster children from family to family.
    9. How does the fact that every American consumes almost 30 tablespoons of sugar a day affects healthcare?
    10. A major global health problem is that more than 2 billion people live without constant access to clean water.

How to Write a Hook for a Research Paper Outline

So that you can pick the right hook for your research paper, we have prepared some tips for you.

Always be clear about the main purpose of your research work and what you wish to communicate to your audience.
In addition to researching to find materials, do research to find good hooks.

Think over the outline of the text, and it should be consistent so that your readers or listeners are interested until the very end.

If you find some overwhelming fact or interesting statistics, but it is not suitable for the topic of your work, then abandon it.

More Writing Tips from Our Experts

Remember that there is no single formula for success when choosing a hook. Making your choice is always based on two factors – your type of paper and your target audience.

Try to be clear about:

  • What is the purpose of my research?
    ● What do I want to convey to my audience?
    ● What skills and knowledge are expected of me?

Finding the right hook should not be a problem once you have figured out the answers to these questions.

Need Assistance? We Are Here for You!

If you have read this article to the end, you now know how to write research hooks correctly. We also gave you some interesting examples to make this task a little easier for you.

Follow our advice, and your research will be popular, and you can get high scores for it.

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