How to Write a Scholarly Paper

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How to Write a Scholarly Paper?

College students are often required to write a lot of various papers, like essays, lab reports, courseworks, and many other important assignments. Needless to say that writing is not an easy process that requires a lot of attention, time, willingness to create a good paper, and also good abilities. Is it possible to improve your writing skills? Read our article, and follow these simple scholarly paper guidelines to create successful papers.

What is a Scholarly Paper?

A scholarly paper is an academic research document written for publication in a journal. This paper should be made on a certain topic and contain some research. The document provides insights relevant to the subject of the study. Probably, you have heard alternative names for this work – a journal article, a scientific paper, or an academic article.

Types of scholarly papers

There are three main types of these documents: the first type includes study reports that contain and describe first-time research. The second type contains reviews and critical reports about studies that were published before. And the third type includes all the reports where authors tried to make new theories based on the current research.

Scholarly Paper Outline

When you are writing your work, it’s easy to get lost. You can change the subject accidentally, or just lose something important you were going to mention. Your outline is your clear plan about building the future article. Try to outline your articles before writing, and you will see how it’s helpful.

Scholarly paper outline example

Depending on the particular paper, you can create a more detailed outline, or specify just several subheadings to understand well what you are going to put in each paragraph.

How to Start a Scholarly Paper

It’s quite important to know how to build a good beginning of the article before you start writing. You can divide your first paragraph into three main elements:

  • The main goal of the writer is to turn the attention of people to your paper.
  • Here you need to provide readers with some information about the topic. Keep in your mind that it must be short but informative.
  • The problem. Highlight to the reader the main problem of your research, explain why your work has been written. Here you need to put a thesis statement – this is the main idea of your entire work.

Scholarly Paper Introduction

An introduction is the beginning part of your paper that explains to the reader what your work is about. Remember that your audience will decide to read the entire document after reading the introduction, that’s why it’s important to make this part interesting. In general, the introduction should have two parts: an introduction to the topic you are going to discuss in the paper, and a thesis statement.

How to Structure a Scholarly Paper

You can read any college paper example and see this structure there:

  • Title page (with information about the title, author’s name, college name, and date).
  • Abstract (a concise description of your scholarly paper).
  • Introduction (a short paragraph where you expound the subject to readers and include a thesis).
  • A body part can be divided into three sections: 1) methods and materials; 2) results; 3) discussion and conclusion.
  • Tables, pictures, graphs, etc. (if needed).

Scholarly Paper Body

Write the first draft of your document. Use the outline and notes you made before to create your paper. Concentrate on the content of your document, but not on errors or misprints. You can fix them later. In this step, a writer needs to be fully involved in the process to make a bright document.

How to End a Scholarly Paper

Create a smooth transition from the last part of the body paragraph – just 1-2 short sentences will be enough. Write down a detailed release of your thesis. Discuss or involve readers in onward research of the subject of your work:

  • Where the same method could be used.
  • How your readers understand the subject after reading your work.
  • if further investigation is needed.

Scholarly Paper Conclusion

In conclusion, you have to tie things together, so try not to overload it with any other data. Keep in mind that all quotes must be placed in the body part of the article. In the last sentence of the final part, you have to leave the reader with a final interesting impression. On the final point, you need to explain why the research is significant to conduct.

How to Write a Scholarly Paper Step by Step

When you are required to write a scholarly article, it never should be created in a hurry. Keep in mind that only knowing the main principles of writing, good planning of your time and a lot of practice will help you to create good work to impress the audience. In this guide, we have gathered many useful tips on how to write a scholarly research paper successfully.

Step 1 – Define the Subject

First of all, you need to define the main idea of your future paper. Read all the requirements and think of each question of your document’s subject. Outlining is a great decision that will help you to create a successful work properly.

Step 2 – Formulate Your Thesis Statement

It is the major idea of your scholarly paper, so every sentence in the work has to be connected to the thesis. It should be written at the beginning of your document, but it doesn’t mean you should write it first. Usually, it’s hard to do this way. We suggest making the entire paper and only then you can formulate a thesis. Of course, you can write it before creating the work, and then revise and make all the needed changes.

Step 3 – Prepare the Outline

Usually, students don’t like to spend their time with such things, but the outline is very helpful for making a successful work. With a detailed and clear plan, you will spend less time on creating your college paper. With an outline, you won’t forget anything important.

Step 4 – Make a Strong Introduction

Remember that a bright introduction that will motivate the officer to read the whole paper. Just be yourself and never try to seem like another person. Give examples to support your personal qualities and don’t bring too much negative experience. Try to focus on positive things and follow the writing rules carefully.

Step 5 – Proofread Your Work

Give your scholarly paper to several people (friends, relatives, classmates) to read and tell their opinion on it. Make sure you corrected all mistakes to make your work look perfect. Check out if the document fulfills its main purpose and explains to the college committee why they should choose you. Make sure you’ve included several examples of good abilities and strong skills you mentioned in the paper.

7 Amazing Scholarly Paper Tips

We know that writing a serious paper requires many skills and a lot of experience. But even if you never wrote anything like this before, it doesn’t mean you wouldn’t be able to write. You should read all instructions carefully and understand completely what you are going to write about. Here are some useful tips that will help you to write an excellent work:

Define Your Audience and Grab Your Readers’ Attention.

Like any other document, your scholarly article must contain three main parts: introduction, body part, and conclusion. Your introduction should be a place where you impress the readers and they are getting interested to read the whole story. If your introduction doesn’t sound so interesting, the whole work won’t impress the committee either.

Find Enough Information

Try to find as many as possible facts about the chosen topic. You can use books, magazines, newspapers, and, of course, the Internet. Don’t forget to make notes during your search. Of course, you may not need everything you found, but your notes will be helpful in writing. Keep all bibliographical information updated for every source, this will help you to cite them correctly in your document.

Format Your Work Properly.

Check out if you fulfilled all requirements about margins, headings, spaces, and other elements. If you feel confused about how to write a scholarly paper in APA format, try to find this information in the main requirements for your paper’s style. Check out you use proper fonts and margins.

Create an Outline

Think about what you’re going to write in the work. This will help you to organize your paper and you won’t miss something important as well as not jump from one thing into another. When you will start writing, don’t forget to elaborate each point of your outline with that information you put into your document.

Be Concise and Clear

Use simple language, don’t overweight your work with terms and too complicated language. Make sure you don’t write huge sentences where it’s hard to understand what you were trying to say. Remember that you are not writing a dissertation to impress the committee with your great ability to put big words into your work. Clarity and simplicity are your goals.

Revise it for Grammar and Spelling Errors

When you’ve finished the paper, re-read your manuscript several times: you may notice some places where you’d like to add something or in the opposite, you could find some words or sentences that it’s better to delete. Proofread your work thoroughly because the paper with mistakes would look very unprofessional, and surely it will be a big minus for you.

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