Literature Research Paper Topics

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120 Literature Research Paper Topics

In the modern world, more and more people have started to interest in researches in the literature. However, it is, it is rather challenging to choose a topic. You will bring up a question – what topic will be suitable for me?

Our team created this list of best literature research paper topics for your consideration, so you would have the line of ideas to write something unique, which surprised your teachers and groupmates. This article consists of several categories, so you can welcome information and make a choice quickly. So, it is all with the introduction, and we hope you will find an exciting topic.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Literature Research Paper Topic?

It would be good to start working with some instructions before

  1. If you are a complex person and your interests are varied, you have to identify three or four potential topics. Then, collect some information about three and choose the strongest from your several ideas. But do not forget to check available resources and look, is there enough information or topic is too general and broad.
  2. 2. Try brainstorming for promising results – imagine, paint, write your thoughts, make them clear and form a goal. Keep in mind that you should live with this topic for at least three months, so you also want a case that piques your curiosity for enjoyable research work.
  3. 3. And the simplest way to choose. For a reason you must demonstrate a strong understanding of the topic, you have to revise your knowledge – maybe, it is enough for research, and you have to apply them?

List of Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Can fanfiction be considered independent literature?
  2. Feminism literature
  3. How are the roles of men and women portrayed in the novel?
  4. Why are sex and romance the most read genre in literature?
  5. Madness in literature
  6. Psychology and literature
  7. Comedy literature
  8. How is literature an aspect of modern culture?
  9. Examine racism in the novels of the 1960s and 1970s
  10. The functions of literature.
  11. Cliches on literature.
  12. Daoism in modern Chinese literature
  13. Difference between villains and antiheroes in modern literature
  14. Utopian civilization in British literature
  15. What makes a book a classic?
  16. Don Quixote`s personality.
  17. Formalism is a literature theory
  18. 18 . Artificial language in The Lord of the Rings.
  19. Victorian literature
  20. Structuralism

20 Interesting Literature Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. Why did “Harry Potter” became so popular?
  2. Courage and heroism.
  3. Arabic poetry.
  4. Fantasy and magic in Robert Louis Stevenson’s work
  5. A review of the character of Lady Macbeth in the works of William Shakespeare
  6. Why ‘Harry Potter’ is still dominant?
  7. How religion coincides with literature
  8. Social perception of contemporary American literature
  9. The difference between Eastern and Western works of literature.
  10. How literature enhances male chauvinism
  11. How Greek and Roman influenced Western literature
  12. Icelandic
  13. Sherlock Holmes – book and series
  14. Metamorphoses in literature.
  15. Aladdin
  16. The role of female writers in the literature
  17. Central themes in early British literature
  18. Find and compare the same characters of Japanese Myths and anime series
  19. Animals and their importance in children’s literature
  20. The role of James Fennimore Cooper in enhancing nationalism

20 Modernist Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Themes Of Postmodernism In Nissim Ezekiels Poems English
  2. Modernism in Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn.
  3. Modernism in Symbolism and Imagery as Presented in the Works of W.B. Yeats
  4. A Study of Form Theory and Context
  5. Modernist Experimentation in “The Waste Land” Poem by T. S. Eliot
  6. An examination of how religion and literature collide
  7. Analysis Of Modernist Literature
  8. Modernism and Post-modernism in Gaetano Pesce’s La Mama Chair
  9. Themes In Virginia Woolf’s Novel Mrs. Dalloway
  10. Woolf, Eliot, Modernism, and The Faith of Early Feminism Versus Victorian Values
  11. Virginia Woolf: Biography, Books, and Facts
  12. Influence of “Journey of The Magi” by T. S. Eliot
  13. Modernist Poetry Analysis Based on The Concept of Invention and Its Poets
  14. The Conflict of Intercultural Values in Stories by William Faulkner and James Joyce
  15. Carson McCullers and postmodernism
  16. Modernist Myth in Suna no Onna’s The Woman in the Dunes
  17. Modernist Literature in Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett
  18. Modernist Literature in Krapp’s Last Tape by Samuel Beckett
  19. William Williams’ Spring and All
  20. Analysis Of Hilda Doolittle

20 World Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. The role of female writers in the literature
  2. Allusions in a specific novel
  3. Cross-cultural literary books
  4. The role of the supernatural and spirituality in literature
  5. The relationship between old and contemporary American literature
  6. The image of Sherlock Holmes in the international arena.
  7. The contribution of Asian poets to world culture.
  8. How have publication intervals fallen out of fashion?
  9. Main themes of the early American literature.
  10. Why do cultural values differentiate different work
  11. Distinguish between performance and narration in literature
  12. Problems facing the practical study of literature
  13. Early modern American works
  14. Contemporary literary theories.
  15. The history of the African-American literary movement.
  16. The main attributes of postmodern prose.
  17. Literary scholars of the United States
  18. Another nation-shaping factor worldwide.
  19. Analysis of the Last of the Mohicans by Cooper.
  20. Challenges of studying English literature.

20 Renaissance Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. The Proud Prime Evil of Hell: Characterization of Satan as the Capital Vice of Pride in Milton’s Paradise Lost
  2. What would the neighbors think? Othello and London’s Africans
  3. Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare – what was love during the Renaissance?
  4. Two main themes ideas of Renaissance in literature
  5. The earliest Renaissance literature generation of writers and their works: Dante, Petrarch, and Machiavelli
  6. Divine Comedy as a world literature masterpiece
  7. How has Miguel de Cervantes ridiculed chivalrous ideals, and why is it now essential for society?
  8. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer – description of Medieval England
  9. Shakespeare’s Ovid and the Spectre of the Medieval
  10. Harlem Renaissance’ History: Issues of Negro Writers
  11. Friendship values of Don Quixote with Sancho Pansa
  12. Representation of religion in Milton’s story
  13. Female beauty in the Renaissance: Beatrice de Portinari in Dante’s works.
  14. Historical Events in Shakespearean Literature
  15. Father of the Renaissance and his first steps to a new era.
  16. Religious Writer Teresa of Avila and her literature function.
  17. A literature comparison of The Middle Ages vs. The Renaissance
  18. Is Hamlet primarily a tragedy of revenge or insane human violence?
  19. Why did King Lear become eternally topical?
  20. Recurring Themes in Shakespeare’s Sonnets

20 Great Literature Research Paper Ideas

  1. The most significant literary masterpiece of all times
  2. Are names important in children’s literature?
  3. Discuss the evils of racism in a British novel
  4. The importance of fiction in Lost in the Funhouse
  5. Value and of books in 451 Fahrenheit
  6. WWI poetry and the use of graphic imagery
  7. Good versus bad in Shakespeare’s works
  8. The power of wealth in modern literature
  9. The link between soul and sin.
  10. War and peace in the literature of European writers – then and now.
  11. Is literature a part of Western culture?
  12. The unconditional love concept in poetry
  13. Gothic novels.
  14. Death theme literature in “Harry Potter” by J.K.Rowling.
  15. How does literature utilize psychology?
  16. The purpose of life in modern poetry
  17. Irreversible in “The Fault of Stars.”
  18. Predictions in dystopian literature – are there going, to be honest?
  19. Fantasy as a retreat from Modernity in the 20th and 21st centuries.
  20. Is it relevant to create a new Myth in 21 century?

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