Military Research Paper Topics

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120 Military Research Paper Topics

Cannot find a list of the top military ideas for your research paper? Below you will find the best topics made up by experienced writers from all over the world. All of them follow the proper structure, principles of coherence, are thorough and relevant. Look through the list and choose a stellar issue for your research!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Military Research Paper Topic?

Most experts distinguish three essential points to which you should pay attention while thinking of the topic for your military research paper.

  1. Relevance.

Ongoing issues are the most eye-catching matters for a research paper. While the subject is military, relevance means something else. It implies the importance of the issue throughout history and its impact on the current world state. Theoretical topics are suitable for military research but may cause some difficulties.

  1. Correct terms.

Military terminology is quite sophisticated. If you feel you lack knowledge of that, ask for advice from your professor to avoid possible misunderstandings. There are specialized dictionaries where you can check some terms. You can also surf the Internet to clarify some definitions.

  1. Choose the proper aspect of the matter.

You may think that it is better to choose multidimensional issues that are pretty controversial. However, the complexity lies in simplicity. So, never try to choose an extremely complex topic with many aspects for research. Military issues should be less wide but more narrow and concise.

List of Military Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. The evolution of the term “official war.”
  2. Foreign policy as the determination of military stability in the state
  3. Nuclear weapons
  4. The legal status of military personnel
  5. Martial law
  6. Military courts in the international infrastructure
  7. Underground nuclear explosion
  8. Legal framework for civil defense
  9. What is military anthropology?
  10. War and military conflict
  11. Coup D’etat
  12. Instruments of military psychology
  13. The history of the term “military.”
  14. The evolution of the military medicine
  15. Biological weapons
  16. The place of a human in the military conflict
  17. Personal interests as the central war prerequisite
  18. The place of territory claims in wars
  19. What is a civil war?
  20. Why do military conflicts still exist?

20 Military History Topics for Research Paper

  1. The World War I: Prerequisites
  2. The World War II: Outcomes
  3. The stages of the military history
  4. The most significant milestones of the military history
  5. The formation of nations through waging wars
  6. Unexecuted plans of prominent military leaders in the history of humankind
  7. Pirates: What is their history?
  8. Technology revolution in the ways of waging wars
  9. Historical events when diplomacy prevents countries from wars
  10. The shortest war in the history
  11. The final battle of the Third Reich
  12. Hitler policy in the World War II
  13. When did military theory arise?
  14. What is the difference between strategy and tactics?
  15. Cesare’s military achievements
  16. The role of the Franco-Prussian war
  17. What was the end of the Ottoman-Russian War of the 19th century?
  18. Charles de Gaulle’s policy on the system of government in France
  19. German blitzkrieg in the ‘30s
  20. The collapse of the soviet union in the ‘90s

20 Military Topics For Research Paper

  1. The authority of the leader in the military collective
  2. Adaptation of cadets to military training activities
  3. Analysis and ways to optimize the activities of crew members
  4. Combat service of the temporary search post
  5. Combat service of the search group
  6. Combat capabilities of military forces
  7. Clothing support during military training
  8. Platoon in a fire ambush
  9. Identification of possible damaging factors of nuclear explosions
  10. Military geography
  11. Military service as a particular type of public service
  12. Airborne troops
  13. Degassing of weapons
  14. Military equipment
  15. Actions of special units for the arrest and elimination of criminals
  16. Study of the stability of the economy in a particular period
  17. Tasks of the artillery battery in the course of a defensive battle
  18. Analysis of the level of dependence of the commander’s personality authoritarianism on the effectiveness of unit management
  19. Classification of toxic substances
  20. Methodology and organization of tactical training

20 Military History Research Paper Topics

  1. Methods of using US submarines in disrupting Japan’s communications in the Pacific in World War II
  2. Medical and sanitary support during the elimination of the consequences of technogenic emergencies
  3. The role of the US in the military conflicts settlements
  4. Military intruders in the 21st century
  5. Shipwrecks and accidents in the 20th century
  6. Historical NATO operations
  7. The history of NATO
  8. The era of decolonization
  9. Disputes on the Middle East
  10. Radiation hazardous facilities in the world
  11. Napoleon’s wars in the history of France
  12. Cold War
  13. Development of the Soviet military fleet
  14. Fascism and nationalism
  15. Military conventions in the international law
  16. The nuclear arms race of the 20th century
  17. Japan in the global policies
  18. Atomic power growth in the last 30 years
  19. Hotbeds of nuclear and chemical destruction
  20. International relations between the US and the UAE

20 Military Logistics Research Paper Topics

  1. Ensuring flight safety
  2. The issue of military construction
  3. Ensuring aviation security
  4. Submarines of foreign countries of the World War II
  5. Radiation and chemical reconnaissance devices
  6. Means of overcoming water obstacles
  7. Transportation of military goods worldwide
  8. The largest exporters of weapons
  9. Military trade
  10. The industrial revolution and its impact on the military logistics
  11. The era of industrialization in the military logistics
  12. War mechanization
  13. Cargo ships evolution
  14. Trucks and their prototypes in the 18th century
  15. Cargo aircraft and the start of the age of flies
  16. Transportation of tanks by sea
  17. The most significant manufacturers of military equipment in the world
  18. Growth of railways in military logistics
  19. Modern technical means of observation
  20. Communication military networks

20 Great Military Research Paper Ideas

  1. PR preparation of conscription into the armed forces
  2. Combat service of the company in the patrol group while ensuring the regime of quarantine measures in the context of an epidemic
  3. Public safety measures in case of natural disasters
  4. Engineering reconnaissance of troop movement routes and terrain
  5. Culture and the army
  6. State management of conflict and emergencies
  7. The National Security Strategy of the United States
  8. Patriotism is the source of the spiritual strength of a warrior
  9. Ways and methods to increase the stability of the economy in emergencies
  10. Diplomatic means of preventing global military conflicts
  11. Modern military technology and equipment
  12. The role of “hybrid methods” in waging Modern warfare
  13. Economic (territorial) interests of leading world states at the heart of international wars and conflicts
  14. Intra-State conflicts in the 21st century
  15. Asymmetric ways of confronting the enemy
  16. How is a coalition of interested states formed?
  17. Latent dictators of the 21st century
  18. The government of Nicolas Maduro and its policy
  19. Global military expenditures in 2022
  20. Military art or science

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