Music Research Paper Topics

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120 Music Research Paper Topics

All products of human culture were influenced by economic, environmental, and other social-economic factors. Thus, writing a music paper requires the writer to conduct in-depth research to understand the worldview of a particular culture. Our team is all quite aware that writing about the music is pretty hard. So, we created this list of the 120 Best Music Research Paper Topics.

We hope that it will be helpful for you.

4 Tips on How to Select the Best Music Research Paper Topic?

  1. It will be strange to give you the ideas for your music assignment without providing some tips on making the process less stressful and more productive. So, here we provide you with three tips on how to make your work easier.
  2. Stick to your assignment requirements. We can’t stress enough about how many people can’t understand the assignment and stick to it. You need to realize that your professor gave you the task and waits for you to provide the material according to it.
  3. Write about the things that you are interested in. Putting hours and hours of work on a topic that you are not interested in is the worst that can happen for you. We encourage you to choose the issues that you are genuinely interested in (or not that bored).
  4. Narrow down your topics. Some situations amend the writing process so you understand that your issue is too broad. In this situation, our command recommends you narrow down and keep your attention on one particular thing. Making this will save you a lot of time.

List of Music Research Paper Topics

  1. How does music affect the human brain?
  2. The trend of lofi hip-hop in the modern internet
  3. How has rap changed over the years?
  4. Why is Jazz so great?
  5. How does colonialism in Africa affect music?
  6. The history of Arabic music
  7. Why does K-Pop take over the planet?
  8. European music in the early medieval?
  9. How has Chinese music affected nearby countries?
  10. How did the culture formulate the music styles?
  11. Which style of music are malls using?
  12. How does music affect your productivity?
  13. Does music decrease stress?
  14. The ancient ballads?
  15. Why have sea shanties occurred?
  16. How does music affect human stress?
  17. The complacency of European music in the early romantic period
  18. The music of ancient Egypt?
  19. The woman impact on the classical music
  20. How do your tastes affect your future in life?

20 Interesting Music History Research Paper Topics

  1. The history of German music?
  2. Which people created the music?
  3. The pirate music
  4. How have historical events affected medieval music?
  5. How does Christian belief affect music?
  6. Which genres have appeared in the renaissance period?
  7. Why did the royals like to play music?
  8. How does the socio-economic class affect the music taste?
  9. How has the renaissance changed music compared to the medieval period?
  10. Folk music and its effect on the population
  11. The genius of Bach
  12. The music in the Holy Roman Empire
  13. The main things of the modernism music
  14. Why are music studies so critical?
  15. The modern music culture and the most important characters
  16. The communist ideas and the music
  17. How did politics influence music?
  18. Common social archetypes in the music
  19. How is modern music connected with important events?
  20. What can be the symbolism in familiar music?

20 Music Therapy Industry Research Paper Topics

  1. How can soft drugs affect your music tastes?
  2. How can music treat psychological conditions?
  3. The effect of the music on the children’s education
  4. How to calm the person using the theme?
  5. Can we heal dementia using music?
  6. How does the music that you are listening to affect your effectiveness
  7. Why do people like classical music?
  8. How do the lyrics help you to improve your brain capacity?
  9. Why do psychologists use music during their work?
  10. How can music heal eating disorders?
  11. How long ago was the music used for therapy?
  12. How can music reduce stress?
  13. Why does certain music affect your desires in the future?
  14. The music for learning psychology
  15. Music from the different countries and its amusement
  16. The theme for the educational purposes
  17. How to use music for education?
  18. Scientific research and music
  19. The therapy and music
  20. Music and therapy

20 Music Education Paper Topics

  1. The effect of the music for the educational purposes
  2. How your taste in music affects your level of education
  3. Why do some professors like underground people?
  4. Can the music affect the person’s worldview
  5. Is the music helps you to concentrate
  6. Are there a good idea to listen to music during studying
  7. Music and your’s future life
  8. The role of music in the education
  9. Is it a good idea to listen to music while learning?
  10. Which kind of music do you want to listen to during your education?
  11. How can music help you to learn foreign languages?
  12. How many people that like metal have a high education?
  13. Which music to listen to to become more productive?
  14. The role of music in the scientific breakthrough
  15. Which music helps the kids to concentrate more thoroughly?
  16. Baroque music and its effect
  17. Have ancient people used music to study the younger generation?
  18. Why is music often counter-culture?
  19. How to help people to learn?
  20. The music for the studying

20 Pop Music Industry Paper Topics

  1. History of the pop music
  2. The future of the popular music
  3. How pop music affects the beauty studies
  4. Pop music and its effect on the culture
  5. How modern music become popular
  6. How does digital music affect the pop market?
  7. Why is more straightforward music popular right now?
  8. Why is pop music the most popular?
  9. Why the people love the pop music
  10. How much money is in pop music right now?
  11. What are the most common musical instruments used to create pop music?
  12. Who is pop music?
  13. Which people like the pop music
  14. The demographics for the modern pop music
  15. The global market for the pop music
  16. Where to live to become a famous pop artist
  17. How does pop music affect our culture?
  18. The pop songs and their meditations on the modern social issues
  19. Why do more and more people listen to the pop music
  20. How does popularity affect pop artists?

20 Great Music Research Paper Ideas

  1. How does rock music affect your ears?
  2. Why do intellectuals prefer rock?
  3. How the hip-hop generation changed throughout the years
  4. The history of modern hip-hop
  5. What’s the difference between classical and modern music?
  6. How to write great music?
  7. The template of the music
  8. What are the most critical issues
  9. Essential features of baroque music?
  10. Which age groups listen to hip-hop?
  11. A portrait of the lover of modern classical music
  12. Shall the older generation listen to the music of the younger generation?
  13. American in Jazz music
  14. Is there the chance that modern Jazz appeared without slavery?
  15. What are the essential characteristics of rock?
  16. The most critical issues of the hip-hop music
  17. Religious motives in jazz music
  18. The hidden messages in the music
  19. The history subjects in the hip-hop
  20. Who is the father of blues music?

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