Philosophy Research Paper Topics

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120 Philosophy Research Paper Topics

The individual work of students in the philosophy course consists of conducting research and writing a philosophy research paper. Research is a kind of student’s scientific work. Its content and form must meet the requirements for the scientific work of students. First of all, the work should testify to the student’s assimilation of scientific-philosophical literature on the chosen topic, the ability to find the necessary and relevant information, present it meaningfully, and critically assimilate it.

The main goal of philosophy research is to deepen the knowledge gained by students during lectures and classes and to master the skills of a scientific approach to the analysis of events, phenomena, and the work of individual philosophers. To carry out the research, it is necessary to select and develop scientific literature on the selected topic and draw up a plan that the teacher must agree upon. But how to choose a topic among many directions and individual disciplines? Find out below in this article!

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Philosophy Research Paper Topic?

The final grade of the student often depends on the successful formulation of the research topic. We have prepared recommendations to help you avoid difficulties when choosing a topic for philosophical research and prepare your work on time. To choose the best topic for your philosophical research, you should first consider what you need to study in the discipline. Thus, you will expand your knowledge and learn a lot of new and exciting information.

Also, you can choose the topic that interests you the most. This way, you can do your research quickly, interestingly, and rewardingly. The main thing is to agree on the topic with the teacher because not all topics may be relevant to your curriculum. Teachers can offer you well-developed topics that are appropriate for the level of preparation of the students. This means that there will likely be no problems with finding information and writing a research paper.

What’s the easiest method for choosing a theme? You can choose a good topic yourself from the pre-prepared list below. We have collected for you the most relevant and best 120 topics about philosophy, which are approved by many universities and institutes.

List of Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. The subject of philosophy and its central question.
  2. The structure and functions of philosophy.
  3. Philosophical understanding of space.
  4. Philosophical understanding of time.
  5. Philosophical understanding of movement.
  6. Categories of dialectics.
  7. Dialectic laws.
  8. Consciousness.
  9. Language and Consciousness.
  10. Cognition.
  11. Methods of thinking.
  12. The manifestation of truth.
  13. Human, his place and role in the universe.
  14. The meaning of human life.
  15. Theories of progressive (linear) development of human society.
  16. Theories of the historical cycle.
  17. The civilizational approach in understanding the development of human society.
  18. Philosophy of culture.
  19. Historical types of culture.
  20. Philosophical ideas of Socrates.

20 Interesting Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Subjects and forms of culture.
  2. Cultural genesis and dynamics of culture.
  3. Philosophy as an academic discipline.
  4. Materialistic understanding of existence.
  5. Idealistic understanding of existence.
  6. Monistic, dualistic and pluralistic understanding of substance.
  7. Philosophy of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
  8. Philosophy of modern times.
  9. German classical philosophy.
  10. Marxist philosophy.
  11. Contemporary Western Philosophy.
  12. French philosophy of the XIX-XX centuries.
  13. Consciousness, its origin, and essence.
  14. The concept of development and the main categories of dialectics.
  15. The main problems of cognition.
  16. Problems of the methodology of scientific knowledge.
  17. Society as a developing system.
  18. Problems and prospects of modern civilization.
  19. The concept of worldview, its historical types.
  20. Specificity of the philosophical worldview.

20 Ancient Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Philosophy as a field of theoretical knowledge in antiquity.
  2. Truth in the understanding of ancient philosophers.
  3. How did the ancient system of philosophy change?
  4. Ancient philosophy as a subject of study.
  5. Philosophical anthropology.
  6. Philosophy, its range of problems, and its role in ancient society.
  7. Philosophical understanding of the world in antiquity.
  8. Philosophy and Medicine in Antiquity.
  9. Cosmologism of early Greek philosophy.
  10. Ancient mythology and the emergence of philosophy.
  11. The Socratic principle is “know thyself.”
  12. The spontaneous dialectics of Heraclitus and the atomistic theory of Democritus.
  13. Roman Stoicism and the Rise of Christianity.
  14. Antique backgrounds of medieval culture.
  15. Philosophical anthropology about the essence of man. How was this reflected in ancient philosophy?
  16. Ancient Greek philosophy. Pre-classical period.
  17. Classical ancient Greek philosophy (Democritus, Socrates, Plato, Aristotle).
  18. Platon’s political philosophy: state structure and society.
  19. Philosophical picture of the world of antiquity: human, nature, and society. Based on the texts of Platon.
  20. Seneca Stoicism. How did he change society in a better direction?

20 Philosophy of Art Research Paper Topics

  1. The romantic-existential orientation of creativity. Main ideas.
  2. The brightest representatives of the romantic-existential trend.
  3. Ideality in creativity is an essential characteristic of consciousness.
  4. Discovery of the inner spiritual world of a person in creativity and art.
  5. The problem of the recognizability of the world in the history of the philosophy of creativity.
  6. Knowledge and creativity.
  7. Philosophy and Art.
  8. The most famous supporters of a sensually aesthetically oriented philosophy.
  9. Why is the question of the relationship between art and philosophy so complex and multifaceted?
  10. Art is a kind of human spiritual activity.
  11. Why is an art focused on figurative and symbolic forms of cognition and expression, which do not imply rational reproducibility?
  12. Relative rationalization of the meaning of an image or symbol in creativity.
  13. Philosophy and its relationship with science, religion, and art.
  14. How has the question of the relationship between philosophy and art changed historically?
  15. Why did Leonardo da Vinci call painting the true philosophy of the Renaissance?
  16. Philosophical Ideas in the Art of Poetry and Architecture.
  17. Why did art in the Renaissance contains the entire composition of fundamental thoughts about the world?
  18. The genre of philosophical literature is intellectual romance. Who were its followers?
  19. The direction of existentialism. A. Camus, G. Marcel, and J.P. Sartre.
  20. Why were writings in the direction of existentialism philosophical?

20 Political Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. National-political and philosophical ideas in the twentieth century. Main directions.
  2. Social and political ideals of the philosophy of the Enlightenment.
  3. National sources of Russian communism.
  4. Features of Russian Marxism.
  5. National idea and the formation of civil society.
  6. Features of social and political space and time.
  7. The problem of human life and death in modern political philosophy. How do the policies of different countries regulate this phenomenon?
  8. Freedom and justice as universal values. How do the policies of different countries regulate this phenomenon?
  9. The problem of cultural and political self-determination of a human.
  10. Synthesis of Freudianism and Marxism in Fromm’s works. How is this reflected in the policies of some countries?
  11. The problem of understanding and dialogue of cultures. How does politics help build contact and balance between countries?
  12. The meaning of political history as a philosophical and ideological problem.
  13. The problem of human freedom and responsibility. How is this reflected in the policies of some countries?
  14. The unity of the natural and the social in the historical process. How can politics regulate some aspects of these processes?
  15. Specificity of socio-political cognition.
  16. The concept of the superman in Nietzsche. How will superman be perceived by politicians?
  17. Conscious and unconscious in the human psyche. How do politicians use these psychological phenomena?
  18. The problem of the unity and diversity of the historical process. How did the political foundations change?
  19. Truth as an epistemological and political problem.
  20. Optimistic and pessimistic options for the development of society in different political strategies.

20 Great Philosophy Research Paper Ideas

  1. Ideas of moral improvement in the philosophy of Confucius.
  2. Indo-Buddhist and Taoist-Confucian type of culture.
  3. Theocentric picture of the world in medieval philosophy.
  4. Christianity and Medieval Philosophy.
  5. Individualism is a trait of Renaissance humanism.
  6. Protestantism and the secularization of culture.
  7. Sociology and philosophy of T. Hobbes.
  8. The naturalistic concept of man and culture in the philosophy of the French Enlightenment.
  9. The problem of the formation of self-consciousness in Hegel.
  10. Philosophy of Hegel’s History.
  11. E. Fromm on the contradiction between the personal (individual) form of being a historical being.
  12. The problem of alienation in the philosophy of K. Marx.
  13. The ideas of Christian evolutionism in the philosophy of P. Teilhard de Chardin.
  14. Mythopoetic consciousness of the ancient Slavs.
  15. The main features of the American mentality.
  16. Sources of American Philosophy and Culture.
  17. Baroque was a type of culture and worldview.
  18. Modern philosophical and natural science picture of the world.
  19. Formation theory and the reality of the historical process.
  20. The mind of a human. Cosmogenic instead of technogenic.

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