Political Research Paper Topics

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100 Political Research Paper Topics

Presenting you 100 best FREE political research paper topics for your inspirational needs.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Political Research Paper Topic?

Choosing a topic for a research paper is not as difficult as it may seem. There is a short guideline including three main points to which you should pay attention. Follow each of them and forget about problems with writing political research papers!

  1. Topicality.

First of all, your topic should cover the subject you learn. Try to stay on topic as much as possible to avoid any misunderstandings. Choose aspects that correspond to the discipline. It will show that you are good at the course you take.

  1. Significance.

Your topic should be an issue or a subject that is well-known or ongoing. For a research paper on political theory, it is critical to find something unique and exciting, not just copy-pasting ideas from the internet.

  1. Brevity.

Extremely complex lexical and grammar constructions are not appropriate for such kinds of research papers. It is much better when your case consists of 10 words and less. Exceptions may occur in political ideas (read the list below to consider them).

List of Political Research Paper Topics

  1. The principles of the changes in political systems
  2. Historical features of political systems
  3. Problems of progress in modern political discourse
  4. Challenges of the formation of contemporary statehood
  5. The conflict of the contemporary and the traditional in the modern political process
  6. Muslims in modern Europe: issues of political integration.
  7. The issue of multiculturalism in the modern world
  8. Interaction of the cultural aspects and political thoughts in the political process
  9. Models of political integration of foreign cultural minorities
  10. National, ethnic and religious identity in politics
  11. The political identity of a multicultural state
  12. Multiculturalism in a resettlement country
  13. Multiculturalism in Europe
  14. What is a political process?
  15. Political communication in a multicultural society
  16. Alternatives to multiculturalism
  17. Ethnocultural conflicts in the modern world: Political dimension
  18. Civil Society in Western Countries: A Comparative Historical Approach
  19. The political transformation of civil society in Western countries in the era of post-industrialism and globalization
  20. Political regimes of “The Development States”: Comparative analysis

20 Political ScienceTopics for Research Paper

  1. Features of socio-political development
  2. Sociological research of political processes in developing countries
  3. The specifics of the concept of “politics” in the social sciences
  4. Civil society as an object of sociology of politics
  5. Sociology of politics and political science
  6. Modern theories of the political elite
  7. Electoral behavior in the modern world: development trends
  8. Authoritarianism as a special kind of socio-political system
  9. Totalitarianism as a special kind of socio-political system
  10. Ideology and political theory: similarities and differences of concepts
  11. Creation of ideological myths in the mass consciousness and control over it
  12. The idea of the ideological and political spectrum and its components
  13. The political regime as a method of institutional arrangement
  14. Postmodernism in political theory
  15. Radicalism and extremism in politics
  16. The nature of power, its sources, and classification
  17. The modern system of policy research methods
  18. Conceptualization of power and strength in political theory
  19. The concept of friend and foe in political science
  20. Political authority and political power: correlation of categories

20 Corporate Politics Research Paper Topics

  1. HR principles and their role for corporate politics
  2. Central values of corporate politics
  3. Leadership and employee behavior culture
  4. Ethical escalation policy
  5. Risk-based thinking
  6. Anti-corruption policy
  7. The system of control over the implementation of the code
  8. The essence and content of the corporate policy of the company
  9. What is corporate ethics?
  10. Why is corporate culture so influential?
  11. Types of corporate politics
  12. Functions of corporate ethics
  13. How to improve corporate politics?
  14. The best examples of corporate ethics in top companies
  15. Can an ineffective corporate culture affect profitability?
  16. Corporate policy implementation tools
  17. Methods for maintaining a corporate culture
  18. Strategic directions of corporate politics in 2022
  19. What is the interrelationship between corporate culture and corporate politics?
  20. The difference between corporate politics in small and large businesses

20 Good Topics for Political Research Paper

  1. Transformation of sovereignty in the modern world: political risks
  2. Nation-building
  3. Migration flows from Central Asia to Europe: political aspect
  4. “Arab Spring” and the crisis development of the countries of the Middle East
  5.  Syrian crisis and prospects for its settlement
  6. The evolution of the political regime in Tunisia during and after the Arab Spring
  7. Libyan crisis and prospects for its settlement
  8. Terrorist threats in Central Asia
  9. Settlement of conflicts in divided societies (Iraq, etc.).
  10. Advantages and disadvantages of social democracy
  11. Integration of Muslim communities in modern Europe: the political aspect
  12. Palestinian statehood at the present stage
  13. The refugee crisis in Europe and its political consequences
  14. De facto states in world politics
  15. Religion and political conflict in the modern world (Middle East, Ireland, India, etc.)
  16. States of the post-Soviet space: problems of political development
  17. Is dialogue with political Islam possible?
  18. Religious-secular combinations in the formation of the national identity of European states
  19. Religion and nationalism: the origins of the interconnection and types of interaction
  20. The problem of secession in the modern world

20 Great Political Research Paper Ideas

  1. Interaction between civil society and the state
  2. Globalization and national identity
  3. Power as a fundamental problem of political science
  4. International governance and state-building (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Afghanistan, etc.)
  5. Transnational diaspora and nation-building
  6. Globalization and regional integration
  7. The military policy of the state as a factor in the social protection of servicemen
  8. Globalization and democratization
  9. The emergence of the phenomenon of the “Twitter revolution”
  10. Hybrid modes and variants of their evolution
  11. Globalization and anti-globalism
  12. Democratic Rebirth of Germany after World War II: Political Regime
  13. Diaspora as a subject of ethnopolitics
  14. Civil and ethnic wars
  15. Civic education and the development of political culture
  16. Regions of problem statehood
  17. The origins and nature of totalitarian regimes
  18. Historical memory and its impact on political institutions
  19. Place and role of political socialization
  20. World politics and political processes in G7

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