Psychology Research Paper Topics

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70 Impactful Psychology Research Paper Topics!

Can’t come up with any psychology research paper topics?

No problem, because we got you covered! We’ve looked through scientific journals and searched the web to find the most interesting psychology topics for your research paper.

We’ve categorized all the research paper topics by subfields in psychology. This way, you’ll have a much easier time finding the thing you need. Take a look through the lists and choose what you’ve been looking for!

Here’s How to Select Psychology Research Paper Topics

Getting anxiety just from looking at all the lists? There’s nothing to be afraid of! Just follow these steps, and you’ll easily pick a psychology research paper topic for yourself.

Read Through the Lists

First and foremost, read through our lists of research topics for research papers. This will give you a general idea of the kind of choices you have.

Read Up on the Background of Different Psychology Topic Subfields

Then, stop focusing on your research paper particularly and read up on all the various subfields. Choose the subfield for your research paper topic, which will drastically narrow down your choice.

Pick a Research Paper Topic That’s Easily Researchable

Out of all the left research paper topics, simply pick the one you’re interested in. Following these steps will help you in both choosing and writing on your research paper topic in psychology.

20 Social Psychology Research Paper Topics

With all societal divisions happening worldwide, it’s important to look at the reasons behind this tendency. Social psychology concentrates on examining the interpersonal behavior of humans. Specifically, the subfield focuses on how we behave in the real and potential presence of others.

This is the reason why this psychology subfield can prompt a very interesting research paper topic. Viewing a person’s behavior and feelings is incredibly interesting for a psychology research paper topic.

  1. Bipolar Disorder: An Examination of Rapid Attitude Changes.
  2. What Goes into Our “Attitude”? — 3 Main Aspects: Feeling, Behavior, and Understanding.
  3. Human Violence in the Context of Social Media: Is Everything More Acceptable Online?
  4. What Exactly Is Healthy Aggression? What Are the Best Ways to Express This Feeling?
  5. The Psychological Difference Between Aggression and Anger.
  6. The Breaking Point: When Simple Anger Tips over into Violent Behavior and Assault?
  7. Does Substance Abuse Facilitate Violent Attitudes and Behaviors in People?
  8. The Best Way to Calm Oneself Is Not to “Take It Out on Something” But Rather Not to Act.
  9. Why People Volunteer and Donate to Causes Without Any SelfBenefit?
  10. How Cooperation and Helpful Behavior Between People Is Essential for Human Society.
  11. Why We Sometimes Refuse to Help Others No Matter the Circumstances.
  12. Are Jokes an Effective Vehicle in Preserving and Spreading Discriminatory Stereotypes?
  13. How Does Prejudicial Attitude Toward Minorities Establish in Societies?
  14. Where Do We Stop? — Self-Recognition in Social Groups.
  15. To What Extent Self-Reflection Dictates Human Behavior and Social Image?
  16. How Peer Pressure Can Normalize Inhumane, Horrible Actions.
  17. The Psychology of Being a Leader and a Follower: Group Interactions.
  18. How Do We Pick Our Friends? The Establishment of Strong Interpersonal Relationships.
  19. What Does It Take to Persuade Another Person? Expressing Dominance Over Other People.
  20. Antisocial Behavior: Psychological Reasons for Active Undermining of Social Group Relations.

20 Sports Psychology Topics for Research Paper

Another popular psychology subfield to concentrate your research paper on is sports. This area offers many interesting topics because physical training significantly impacts and changes our brain. Subsequently, our psychology changes. So a sports psychology topic for a research paper always draws attention.

The biggest aspects of sports psychology are attention focus, visualization, and motivation. So, be ready to concentrate on these topics in your research paper.

Of course, sports psychology is focused on helping athletes. This is why you want to extract some useful data from your research paper topic.

  1. What Are the Possible Bad Side Effects from Partaking in Sports from a Young Age?
  2. Sports Shouldn’t Cancel out Education: The Lax Teacher Attitude Towards Young Athletes.
  3. The Importance of Parent Encouragement in Youth Participating in Sports.
  4. Student-Athletes Are More Prone to Burnouts: Psychological Impact of Doing too Much.
  5. How Athletes Increase Their Motivation and Determination to Do Sports Competitively?
  6. Internal vs. External Motivation: Which Leads to Better Results in Sport?
  7. The Art of Concentration: How Do Athletes Get “in the Zone.”
  8. Visualization as an Essential Tool for Motivation Increase.
  9. Are All Professional Athletes Simple Perfectionists?
  10. How Important Is “Toughness” in Various Kinds of Competitive Sports?
  11. Team Cooperation in Cybersport Teams and Physical Sports Teams.
  12. Does Coaching “on the Field” Make Any Significant Impact on the Team’s Performance?
  13. Teamwork in Sports Teams Extends to General Cohesion Outside of Sports.
  14. Top Professional Athletes: The Challenges of Combining Day-to-Day Life with Sports.
  15. How to Facilitate a Highly Competitive Team Spirit Regardless of the Sport Type?
  16. Coping with Major Injuries: The Psychological Impact of Not Being Able to Do Sports.
  17. Motivating Non-Athletic People to Exercise and Stay Healthy: Main Methods for Success.
  18. Should Beginners Workout Different Zones of Muscles or Have an All-Body Routine?
  19. How Highly Competitive Environments Can Lead to Excessive Bullying in a Sports Team.
  20. The Mental Toll of Maintaining Top Physical Performance.

10 Educational Psychology Research Paper Topics

We’re constantly learning more about human psychology. With an education-focused topic, your research paper should highlight the psychological aspects of human learning.

In fact, pedagogy itself borrows a lot of topics from psychology theory. Because of this, your research paper should view everything in terms of “How to facilitate learning in people?”

With each year, educational psychology is becoming a bigger and bigger topic. So, your research paper will be a great addition to the present discussions.

  1. How “Leave No One Behind” Makes Able Students Devalue the Educational Institutions.
  2. How to Develop Scientific Thinking in Students Who Are More into Humanities.
  3. Facilitating the Growth of Necessary Social Skills in Autistic Students.
  4. Filling in the Achievement Gap: Managing a Class of Differently Performing Children.
  5. How to Employ Statistics to Aid Specific Students Get their Studies on Track.
  6. The Least Mentally-Taxing on Students Method to do Tests and Examinations.
  7. Recognizing Conflictual Behavior Between Students and Addressing Bullying Effectively.
  8. Creating a Safe Environment for Students with an Expansive System of Support.
  9. How to Keep Reinventing and Improving Your Teaching as a Lecturer.
  10. Why Teachers Shouldn’t Rely on Educational Technology to Do Everything for Them.

10 Cultural Psychology Research Paper Topics

Culturally speaking, many alarming phenomena define our lives and need an urgent explanation. Cultural psychology allows us to examine current occurrences from a scientific viewpoint. A plus of doing a cultural research paper is that you get to talk about recent significant events.

  1. The Impact of Continuous Social Media Access of People’s Psyche.
  2. Is Capitalistic Society Bad for People’s Mental Health and Anxiety Levels?
  3. The Challenges of Cross-Cultural Relationships: Differences in Traditions and Customs.
  4. The Psychology Behind Meme Culture: Abstract, Inside Humor for Millions of People.
  5. How Coronavirus Lockdown Has Impacted the People’s Mental Stability and Health.
  6. Always Monitored: How Big Data Changed Our Attitude Towards Social Media.
  7. “Echo Chambers” in Social Media Networks: Why We’re All So Divided Nowadays.
  8. How Different Social Groups Respond to “Fake News” Being Spread Online?
  9. Why Are Conspiracy Theories Attracting More and More People?
  10. Where Lies the Line Between Cultural Appropriation and Introduction of Foreign Ideas.

10 Cognitive Psychology Research Paper Topics

Doing a research paper topic in cognitive psychology is basically trying to investigate how we think. This subfield is tightly connected to Neurobiology.

It describes the physiological functions of our brain. Thoroughly research all the available materials related to your cognitive psychology topic.

  1. How We Retain and Recall Social Information: Communication, Media Digestion, Etc.
  2. The Main Applications of the Theory of Social Information Processing.
  3. How Humans Interpret the World Only When Needed: Schemas in Psychology.
  4. Aphantasia: Why the Visual Imagery Mechanisms Often Don’t Work.
  5. Patterns in Human Decision-Making — Humans Are Very Predictable.
  6. How Common Is Hypercalculia as Not a Part of the Savant Syndrome?
  7. Shapes Not Individual Letters: A Study of How We Read.
  8. The Almost Invisible Gap Between Short-Term and Long-Term Memory.
  9. How We Retrieve Information from Our Memory.
  10. For How Long Can We Hold Focus on One Single Task?

Don’t Let the Psychology Research Paper Stress You Out

We’ve provided you with various psychology topics for research paper. We hope you found the topic for yourself. However, if you feel like continuing to do the psychology research paper assignment is too stressful for you, then don’t!

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