Religion Research Paper Topics

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100 Religion Research Paper Topics

The essence of religion is to connect a person with the Creator of everything. Our life is fleeting. Many religious leaders believe that if a person has not connected his life with God, his whole life is like a blank shot into nowhere. In our time, there is a unique opportunity to find out where the truth is.

Previously, it was complicated since the person’s environment did not allow him to come to the truth and even to search for it. The relative freedom of information appeared relatively recently, several decades ago. A person could be imprisoned only for an attempt to come to faith.

Tips on How to Select the Best Religion Research Paper Topic?

Researching and writing the Religion Research Paper is one of the most common assignments during the academic semester at universities. The paper submitted on time will consolidate knowledge of the subject, teach the basics of public speaking, the rules for creating scientific texts about religion, and help the student get advantages in the exam.

Often, the quality of a religious research paper determines the right topic. However, the topic is chosen by many students at random, which leads to difficulties while writing the work. The topic may be too complex and may not correspond to the skill level of the performer. Also, the topic may be little studied or too narrow and therefore poorly presented in the sources available to the student. Therefore, we advise you to be serious about choosing a topic.

To avoid these and other mistakes, you can first choose a theme from the list below, which we have prepared for you. To agree on a topic with the teacher or propose your own, you need to be well-versed in the subject or strive for excellence in your studies.

Choose a topic that suits your scientific interests. Research can be good practice for writing a term paper and thesis. Therefore, pay attention to the fact that the topic helped study your discipline or direction. Ask yourself questions. Is your topic of interest to modern science? Are there any prospects for further research on the topic? Perhaps the critical questions of your future research are no longer relevant or have long been resolved by many learned theologians?

List of Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. Polemics of Orthodoxy with Protestantism.
  2. Interaction between Catholicism and the Orthodox Church: history and modernity.
  3. The anti-religious policy of the Soviet state.
  4. Comparative analysis of Catholicism as directions of Christianity.
  5. Historical aspects of the relationship between Islam and Christianity.
  6. Historical preconditions for the emergence of Islam and the period of Islamic conquests.
  7. Woman in Islam: History and Modernity.
  8. Interaction of Islamic trends: history and modernity.
  9. Sharia and Secular Legislation: Problems of Correlation.
  10. Wahhabism as a Struggle for the Purity of Islam: History and Modernity.
  11. Islamic factor in the modern world.
  12. Ecumenical Movement: Problems and Prospects.
  13. Social and moral roots of religious extremism.
  14. The religious factor in the development of modern society.
  15. The problem of religious tolerance in modern society.
  16. Social foundations and prerequisites for the spread of tolerant sectarianism.
  17. Features of esoteric teachings.
  18. Problems of the Sociology of Religion.
  19. How can religious intolerance disappear in society?
  20. Church and sect. Denominations and denominations.

20 Interesting Religion Research Paper Topics For College Students

  1. The origin of the most famous religions.
  2. Common plots in the religions of the world.
  3. Primitive religion. How did man come up with religion?
  4. Primitive religion and art.
  5. Religion and magic. The image of the middle ages.
  6. Syncretism in Religion.
  7. Chinese, Indian and Japanese religions.
  8. Religion and cinema. What are the prohibitions in cinematography related to religious feelings?
  9. Explanation of the origin of evil in religion.
  10. The meaning of life and death in religion.
  11. Religion and national identity.
  12. Religion and social problems.
  13. Religion and war.
  14. Religion and wealth.
  15. Religion and family. What family values ​​are extolled in different religions of the world?
  16. Religion and Philosophy. How did the opinions of famous philosophers change on the topic of religion?
  17. Religion and politics. The most famous political representatives in history promoted religion.
  18. Hinduism. History of origin and modernity.
  19. The emergence of Buddhism.
  20. Buddhist philosophy and practice.

20 Good Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. Eastern religions in the West. The most common religious practices.
  2. Yoga. Meditation. Spiritual oriental practices.
  3. Zoroastrianism.
  4. Ancient Eastern religions.
  5. Is the Bible as a Literary Work or Scripture ?.
  6. The Bible and the history of it.
  7. Prophetic Movement in Ancient Israel and Judea.
  8. Social and Philosophical Issues in the Bible.
  9. State and religion in the Bible.
  10. Similarities and differences between creation myths in the Bible and other systems of the world.
  11. Abrahamic religions.
  12. The woman in the Bible. Its place in Christianity.
  13. The heroic theme in the Bible. What are the brightest characters in the Bible?
  14. The messianic theme in the Bible.
  15. Bible and Law. How did the most important laws come from the Bible?
  16. Biblical stories in cinema.
  17. Old Testament Apocrypha.
  18. Judaic ritual.
  19. The structure of the Talmud.
  20. Separation of Judaism and Christianity.

20 World Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. The origin of Christianity.
  2. Who are the apostles, and what was their role in Christianity?
  3. What was the beginning of the Christian church?
  4. The relationship of Orthodoxy and Catholicism in history.
  5. Protestantism and Economics.
  6. Destiny: inevitability or freedom. Free will in the religions of the world.
  7. The Inquisition in the History of the Western Church.
  8. Heroic images of the Bible.
  9. State and Church in the United States. Features of the relationship.
  10. Islam and politics.
  11. The relationship of Islam to the religions of the world.
  12. Islamic fundamentalism.
  13. Social relations in Islam.
  14. Christian holidays.
  15. Muslim holidays.
  16. Jewish Holidays.
  17. Buddhist holidays.
  18. Attitude towards sin in the religions of the world.
  19. Modern religious trends.
  20. Totalitarian religious sects.

20 Great Religion Research Paper Ideas

  1. Non-resistance and resistance to Evil in the religions of the world.
  2. Beauty in religious perception.
  3. The Koran is a work of religious art.
  4. The meaning and goals of Orthodox art.
  5. Religious attitudes towards poverty and wealth.
  6. Religion and modern scientific theories of the world order.
  7. Religion and Globalization.
  8. Religious messianism in the political tradition.
  9. How is Christianity shown in the movies?
  10. Struggle for the Christian Symbol of Faith.
  11. Persecution of Christians.
  12. Catholicism, Orthodoxy, and Protestantism. The most important similarities and differences.
  13. Literature of the New Testament.
  14. Christian eschatology.
  15. Evolution of the image of the devil in Christianity.
  16. Religion and Music.
  17. Religious eclecticism.
  18. Religion in the modern world. Neopagan movement.
  19. Modern sects. Religion and Commerce.
  20. The meaning of history in Christianity. Theodicy in Christianity.

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The study’s main purpose is to form students’ understanding of the essence of religion, its content and structure, the formation and evolution of religion. Teaching religion involves analyzing the most critical problems of religion as a form of social consciousness, the interaction of this complex socio-historical phenomenon with such forms of social consciousness as politics, art, morality, science, law, and culture in general.

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