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110 Awesome Research Paper Topics for 2022

Research paper topics are quite challenging to think up. Due to this, we’ve gathered the most interesting topics for a research paper in this article.

We’ve decided on 4 fields to include topics for research papers from. If you have no ideas about what to discuss in your research paper assignment, then make use of our topic lists!

How to Select the Best Research Paper Topics

Don’t just pick any research paper topic from the list, be mindful about this process. Firstly, you need to pick something that you’re interested in. Such a research paper topic will ensure your determination to complete the task.

Secondly, pick a research topic that gives you the most ideas to include in the writing. You don’t want to spend hours over a blank document, so pick an inspiring research paper topic. That’s about it when it comes to picking a general research paper topic.

Be sure to read through all the topics for research papers in our lists first before stopping on one. Only after the initial scanning you can focus on some topic options for your research paper. After weighing them up against each other, settle down only on one research paper topic.

30 Good Research Paper Topics 2022

The environment is currently on everyone’s mind.

So, why not take a topic from this area?

If you write a research paper about this field, it’ll definitely be a success. By doing a research paper on an environmental topic, you’re contributing to the discussion and helping spread important ideas.

  1. Noise Pollution and Its Effects on Humans and Animals.
  2. Using Trees as a Noise Dampener in Loud Areas.
  3. Worsened Echolocation in Aquatic Animals due to Human Activity.
  4. How Airports Scare Away Any Wildlife.
  5. Sleep Disorders and Living Next to a Highway.
  6. The Earth’s Slowly Dwindling Freshwater Resource.
  7. How Many Freshwater Bodies Do People Destroy Internationally?
  8. Hypertrophication: A Deadly Sentence to Lakes.
  9. The Human’s Impact on Water Environments and Natural Systems.
  10. What Are the New Ways to Go About Wildlife Conservation?
  11. How Humans Have Accelerated the Wildlife Extinction Rates.
  12. Methods to Preserve Biodiversity Without Artificial Environments.
  13. Should Corporations Pay More Environmental Taxes?
  14. How Should Government Stimulate Companies to Be Carbon-Neutral?
  15. Can Climate Change Be Fully Mediated at This Point?
  16. Addressing the Abundant Misinformation on Climate Change and Science Deniers.
  17. Are Tesla Electric Cars Making Any Significant Difference in Becoming Carbon-Neutral?
  18. What’s the Immediate Action We Have to Take to Stop Climate Change in Its Tracks?
  19. Drawing Attention to Climate Issues: Protesting and Addressing Local Politicians.
  20. The Potential Catastrophic Effect of Climate Change on Human Life on Earth.
  21. The Relation Between Climate Change and Recent Wildfires.
  22. How Many Wildfires Are Caused by Unsafe Human Behavior?
  23. With Aptera Launching, How Long Will It Take for Solar Cars to Become Popular?
  24. Nuclear vs. Renewable: Which Is the Correct Way Forward?
  25. Ways Renewable Energy Methods Hurts Environment.
  26. Keeping Cities Clean and Safe for Humans.
  27. The Impact of Urbanization on Global Ecology.
  28. How Excessive Road Creation Destroys the Soil.
  29. The Constant Task of Processing and Reusing Human Waste.
  30. Using Satellite Technology to Study and Preserve the Environment.

25 College Research Paper Topics on Business

Business Administration is always relevant, especially with the rising number of start-ups and advancing technologies. Knowing how to manage business operations is essential nowadays.

So, why not pick a business topic and do a research paper on it?

  1. Integrating New Technologies into an Established Workflow.
  2. Research and Development in the Management Field: Main Methods and Approaches.
  3. How to Strategize Based on the Business’ Model and Previous Performance Figures?
  4. Employing Marketing Techniques to Promote Company Spirit.
  5. How to Establish Well-Defined Organizational Relationships Between Employees?
  6. Making the Most out of Government Subsidies and Tax Incentives for a Business.
  7. Managing the Resources for a Business and Planning for Development.
  8. Preparing Businesses for Increased Environmental Taxes.
  9. Saving Money while Developing the State: Social Entrepreneurship.
  10. Methods for Maintaining and Promoting Worker Ethic.
  11. The Importance of Properly Preparing Financial Records.
  12. Preserving Moral Integrity of the Corporations.
  13. Why Must Big Corporations Contribute to Governmental Initiatives?
  14. Business Consulting — Why BA Degree Holders Prefer This Career?
  15. Main Aspects of Managing an International Business.
  16. How to Objectively Analyze the Competition on the Market?
  17. Keeping Up with the Legislation: Ensuring the Privacy of Your Clients.
  18. Ways Major Corporations Try to Avoid Paying Big Taxes.
  19. How Is Common Corporate Espionage and How Businesses Can Fight It?
  20. How to Ensure an Equal, Fair, and Safe Working Environment for Employees?
  21. How Ethical Is It for Businesses to Employ Present-Giving as a Marketing Technique?
  22. Does a BA Degree Prepare Students for the Real Market Sufficiently?
  23. Main Techniques for Negotiating Business Contracts and Other Deals.
  24. Conflicts in the Workplace: How to Calmly Recognize and Diffuse Them.
  25. Social Media: An Essential Part in Creating a Brand Identity for any Business.

25 Interesting Research Paper Topics Related to Politics

Another engaging theme — politics! Doing a research paper topic from this are will surely turn some attention to your assignment. When discussing a political topic, be sure to stay neutral and objective in the research paper.

  1. Neo-Marxism on the Rise: What Capitalist Challenges Urge People to Pick Socialism?
  2. The Problem with Political Radicalism and Rejection of Ideological Pluralism.
  3. Do Libertarian Theories of Society and Politics Have a Basis in Reality?
  4. Why Populism Is the Main Method of Communication Used by Politicians Currently?
  5. The Reason for the Prominence of Radical Right Movements in Europe.
  6. The Capitol Siege Aftermath: Is Donald Trump Guilty of Treason?
  7. Living in an Ideologically Divided Society: Study of Contemporary American Politics.
  8. The Consequences of Trump: Democrats Winning the Presidency, Senate, and House.
  9. What Do Other Countries Expect and Want from Biden’s Cabinet?
  10. The Role Misinformation Played in 2022 Election: Election Fraud and QAnon.
  11. How to Ensure that Supreme Court Judges Are Politically Unbiased?
  12. Brexit Trade Agreement: Who Got the Better Deal in the End?
  13. Rejecting Globalization: A Detailed Analysis of Brexit.
  14. Why Have UK Citizens Made a Decision to Reduce Their Freedoms?
  15. Brexit Agreement Complications: Irish Border and Gibraltar.
  16. Germany as the EU’s De Facto Leader.
  17. The New Deal Between China and the European Union.
  18. How Will the EU Fill the New Budget Hole with the UK Stopping Their Contributions?
  19. Europe Taking Decisive Action to Protect Its Citizens from Big Tech.
  20. How France Protects Secularism Withing Its Society from Faith Radicals?
  21. Why EU Failed to Establish Friendly Relationship with North Korea.
  22. The Azerbaijan and Armenia Conflict: What Led up to It?
  23. The Ongoing War in Ukraine: How the Country Manages Its Relationship with Russia.
  24. The Belarus Protests: How Does the Illegitimate Government Able to Hold On?
  25. Turkey and Greece Disputes in the Mediterranean.

30 Research Paper Topic Ideas About Computer Science

Computer science is all the rage nowadays, which makes this field a good candidate for a research paper. You can choose just about any research paper topic for yourself from the list — they’re all fascinating.

  1. Creating the Most Efficient Processor: Where Is the Physical Limitation?
  2. Balancing Temperature Outputs and Conductor Density.
  3. How Computer Science Was Essential in Creating Coronavirus Vaccine.
  4. Analyzing Parallel Algorithms to Maximize Modern Computer Efficiency
  5. Why We’re Still Not Making the Most out of Multiprocessor Systems.
  6. How to Optimize Computationally Demanding Programs.
  7. Data-Focused Design of High-Performance Applications.
  8. Is Big O Notation a Good Way to Analyze Performance?
  9. How Big-Scale Scientific Projects Approach
  10. Why Was Dijkstra’s Work So Fundamental in Altering Program Development?
  11. Mining Internet for Data: Main Algorithms and Methods.
  12. Using Artificial Intelligence for Data Processing and Visualization.
  13. How to Model Data the Correct Way? Making Abstractions of Real-Life Information.
  14. Virtual Environment Rendering
  15. Image Processing and Recognition with Machine Learning.
  16. Perceptual Issues in Virtual Reality Environments.
  17. Possible Future Advancements in Graphical Animation.
  18. Aspects of Ensuring Network Safety for Users.
  19. Improving Internet Availability with Satellite Technology.
  20. Creating a Large-Scale, Stable Services Network: Google’s Approach to Managing Systems.
  21. Creating Humanoid Robots: Main Difficulties and Challenges.
  22. Improving Computer Vision to Create Autonomous Vehicles.
  23. AI: The Current Difficulties in Modeling Intelligent Independent Behavior.
  24. Programming Language Paradigms: Which Tasks Call for Which Features?
  25. More or Less High-Level Abstraction? Which One to Pick?
  26. Realizing Self and Mutually Referential Data in a PL: Study of Graph Implementations.
  27. Cryptography: The Math Behind Encrypting Data.
  28. The Best Algorithms for Matrix Computations.
  29. The Best Approaches for Managing Big-Scale Software Development
  30. Is 5G the Future of Wireless Networks, or Is It Completely Unsustainable?

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