Science Research Paper Topics

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90 Best Science Research Paper Topics

Science is a fantastic field of learning that pushes humankind forward. You can research many different topics and ideas. However, this confuses the student when you try to choose a topic for the research paper. In this article, we want to help you with selecting the appropriate research paper topics.

3 Tips on How to Select the Best Science Research Paper Topics

  • Many people take huge topics and get lost while writing the paper. It is essential to narrow down the topic to specific issues and choose a particular theme.
  • We recommend you select the topic that is popular and has much information available. It will save a vast amount of time, and you will enjoy the process.
  • Last but not least is to write about the topic that you are interested in. We know how it is to write papers on boring topics and spend many evenings hating every second of your work. Just choose a great topic and be good with it.

Who Created This List of Science Research Paper Topics?

We are a team of professional academic writers from all around the globe. Our team members have worked on a vast amount of topics from science to literature for the last several years. We put a long time into creating this list, and we are 100% sure that it will be helpful for you.

15 Good Science Topics for Research Papers

  1. Why is COVID-19 deadlier than seasonal influenza?
  2. The actual age of the universe?
  3. What does humanity understand about the universe around us?
  4. The effect of meteorites on the universe?
  5. The questions around the Pluto
  6. The wonders of supernova
  7. Where is there any water on mars?
  8. The Big Bang theory
  9. Creationism and evolutionary biology
  10. The work of the Kepler telescope
  11. The viruses in the modern world
  12. The map of the human genome
  13. History of map extinctions
  14. How does DNA work?
  15. Mobile computing in the contemporary world

15 Science Topics For High School Research Papers

  1. Acid rains on Earth
  2. The effect of Oil spills on the ecology
  3. The extinction of coral reefs
  4. The dangers of tsunamis for different countries
  5. The technology of green cities
  6. Future of 3D printing
  7. The role of dark matters
  8. Our understanding of mirages
  9. The technologies behind the Manhattan project
  10.  Fertilizers for agriculture
  11. The idea of tiny houses
  12. Contamination of soils
  13. Nuclear energy
  14. The shortages of water in the modern world
  15. Ozone shield and modern economy

15 Life Science Research Paper Topics

  1. Ethics of cybernetics
  2. The wonders of Patriot act
  3. Sexual harassment
  4. The role of traditional education in the modern world
  5. Climate change and the human role
  6. Hurricanes and safety
  7. Family values in the contemporary world
  8. Ethics of birth control
  9. Human rights in the developing countries
  10. Dangers of alternative medicine
  11. How students abuses drugs
  12. Freedom of speech and political stability
  13. The roles of political correctness
  14. Reformation of elections in the U.S.
  15. Learning disabilities and human rights

15 Interesting Topics For Science Research Paper

  1. Viruses and medicine
  2. How Covid-19 affected humans life
  3. The oceans in the modern economy
  4. Wonders of liquid lasers
  5. The development of green energy
  6. How to optimize the manufacture
  7. Aeroacoustics of modern planes
  8. The erosion of beach
  9. How to farm with nitrogen?
  10. The decline of poverty on the Earth
  11. The racism in Asia
  12. The pro and cons of universal basic income
  13. LGBTQ+ psychology
  14. Online gambling
  15. Homeland Security

15 Physical Science Research Paper Topics

  1. The Big Bang theory
  2. How do asteroids shape the Milky Way?
  3. Polyglobal human civilisation
  4. The pros and cons of space stations
  5. The alien life
  6. The reasons why the Astroid belt accrued?
  7. Role of the private space flight in the future of space exploration
  8. Space junk problems
  9. The reasons why Pluto is no longer a planet
  10. The chances of an asteroid striking down the Earth
  11. Should humans colonize the Solar system?
  12. How space destroys our understanding of physics
  13. How does the plane work?
  14. The science behind the automobile
  15. Role of physics in architecture

15 Science Research Paper Ideas

  1. The basic human rights
  2. The science behind drug legislation
  3. Police brutality
  4. Role of nicotine
  5. The scientific way to improve personal productivity
  6.  Geoengineering in the modern world
  7. The marvels of nuclear energy
  8. Deforestation and how to return the green planet
  9. Should we rely more on atomic energy?
  10.  What did we understand about the black holes?
  11. The scientific worldview
  12. Climate change and the human role in it
  13. The human effect on Earth
  14. The future of interstellar travels
  15. COVID-19 and its impact on science

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