Social Issues Research Paper Topics

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Social Issues Interesting Research Paper Topics

Having trouble selecting research paper social issues topics for your assignment?

No worries! This article will go over many interesting and modern social issues topics to use in your research paper.

How to Select Research Paper Social Issues Topics?

Before going through all the available research paper topics social issues, let’s discuss something.

“How does one pick a topic to write about?” — this is an important question to ask yourself.

Here are the main aspects you have to be mindful of when picking social issues research paper topic:

  • Do you like the social issues topic enough to talk about it in the research paper?
  • Is it easy to research the social issues topic and everything related to the paper?
  • Is the social issues topic relevant enough to discuss academically in a research paper?

The first aspect is quite obvious — you should pick the social issues topic you like for the research paper! This way, you’re more motivated to complete the assignment because you want to share it with other people.

The second one is worth considering because you don’t want to be stuck looking for obscure information.

The last refers to the fact is the social issues topic you’ve chosen for the research paper is contemporary. You don’t want to talk about the social issues of the past, because we live in the now.

This is why you should choose a proper one for the topic for the research paper. We’ve gathered only the most relevant social issues topics that you can use in your research paper.

30 Current Social Issues Research Paper Topics

Do you want the most currently talked about social issues topics for your research paper?

Well, you’re in luck. We’ve scanned various media outlets and academic forums to come up with the list below.

Here are the most engaging social issues topics for a research paper:

  1. What Can We Do to Decrease the Homelessness Rate?
  2. More and More People Are Finding Themselves Crossing the Poverty Threshold.
  3. The Negative Effects of Poverty on Physical and Mental Health of People.
  4. Why Even in First-World Countries, Basic Human Needs Like Shelter Aren’t Satisfied.
  5. Due to the Rich Increasing their Capital Rapidly, the Middle-Class Will Inevitably Disappear.
  6. Climate Change — A Real Threat to Humanity.
  7. How Climate Change Will Affect Different Economic Classes in the Near Future?
  8. Reasons for All Governments to Cooperate on Remedying Climate Change.
  9. The Main Points of the Paris Accord and How They Address Climate Change?
  10. Was Paris Accord for Global Action Too Late of an Agreement?
  11. Why the Poor Will Be the Ones to Suffer the Hardest from Climate Change?
  12. The Danger of Overpopulation in the World.
  13. There Are Scarce Resources Right Now — What Comes Next?
  14. Why Is Africa Suffering from Increasing Poverty and Starvation the Most?
  15. Will Earth Be Able to Sustain the Growing Human Population?
  16. How the Scarce Resources Prompt Nations to Military Conflicts.
  17. How Many Immigrants Is Too Much for a Country?
  18. Opposition to Immigration and the Societal Conflicts It Caused in the Past.
  19. Is Immigration Really That Bad? Examination of Anti-Immigrant Rhetoric.
  20. The U.S. — The Country of Immigrants Becoming Xenophobic.
  21. Race-Based Persecution and Seclusion.
  22. Was the Civil Rights Movement in the U.S. Actually Successful?
  23. How Institutional Racism Survived in the U.S.
  24. Segregation, Poverty, Social Immobility — U.S. African Americans in the 21st Century.
  25. Black Lives Matter Movement — An Identity Check for the Whole Country.
  26. African American Bias in the U.S. National Police.
  27. Lack of Support and Recognition for Non-Binary People.
  28. The Earning Gap Between Women and Males.
  29. Gender Dystrophia — A Real Sickness Affecting Contemporary Youth.
  30. Male Sexism in the Workroom: A Threat to Male Mental Health.

30 More Social Issues for Research Paper

Don’t think we’ve run out of ideas with the previous list of social issues topics for a research paper! Today’s world has lots of challenges to overcome. And we need everybody to contribute to the modern discussion.

So, pick a social issues topic for your research paper and do your part!

  1. Young Marriage Equates to No Higher Education for Women.
  2. Are Gender Quotas a Step Forwards in the Right Direction?
  3. Gender-Neutral Bathrooms: An Inclusive Solution for Everybody.
  4. Why Women More Likely to Get a College Degree but Less Likely to Get the Job?
  5. Free Universal Health Care: Why Shouldn’t a Basic Need Be Available to Everyone?
  6. S. and Healthcare: Why Americans Are Overpaying for Everything Medical.
  7. Did Any Government Succeed in Handling Coronavirus?
  8. The U.S. and the Unnecessary Deaths Caused by Poor Coronavirus Handling.
  9. Impoverished by Medical Bills — Almost 100 Mil. People Worldwide Yearly.
  10. Homeopathy: Should It Be Banned Completely?
  11. The Ways of Making Healthcare More Available to All Economic Classes.
  12. The U.S. and the Record-Breaking Child and Adult Obesity Rates.
  13. The Relation Between Education and Eating Healthy.
  14. How Cheap Food Destroys the Bodies of Impoverished Even More.
  15. Oversized Groceries: A Comparison Between the U.S. and Other Countries.
  16. Workplace Bullying and the Caused Mental Health Problems.
  17. 1/5 of American Students Get Bullied — The Lack of Impact from Initiatives.
  18. Cyberbullying or Social Alienation: Having No Option to Escape Harassment.
  19. Does Playful Bullying Exist? Examining Harassment in Online Video Games.
  20. Bad Governmental Leadership in Third-World Countries
  21. Corrupt Government and Billionaires — A Symbiotic Relationship.
  22. Climate Change and Holocaust Deniers: The Study on Modern Disinformation.
  23. The Distrust in Democracy in the Modern World.
  24. The Rise of Conspiracy Theorists and Societal Distrust in Experts.
  25. Political Division and Opposition: Why Is Everyone Becoming Radical?
  26. Storming the Capital as an Act of Domestic Terrorism.
  27. The War on Drugs Is on the Addicts, Not Suppliers.
  28. Recreational Drugs and the Danger of Psychological Addiction.
  29. Illegalizing Abortion: Sexism on an Institutional Level.
  30. The Rising Suicide Rates in Teenagers and Young Adults.

Too Tired to Do the Assignment?

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